Cassandra Laurean Gunderit

Titles: Seneschal of the Dragon Brethren, Kinthane of Alannath

Past Titles: Captain in the Black Dragons.

Player: NPC. Originally created by Hal Case, played jointly with Drew Christensen & Ryan Powell. Turned over to Elgin Hushbeck III, then eventually retired to NPC status.

First Appearance: Original group member.

Status: Active as an NPC; retired from adventuring (see below).

Birthdate: 5/15/2479 IC (Age 39)

Marital Status: In a polygynous marriage, the first of Uhlrik Gunderit's three wives (Married 8/30/2512 IC in Middenheim, vows renewed on 8/30/2517 in an Asur ceremony in Lothern); she has three living children.

Cassandra has had several extramarital affairs (see below) but none of these have produced issue.

Known Offspring:

  1. Tanis Oswald Gunderit (born 8/11/2514 to Uhlrik Gunderit. Twin to Rahann Magritte)
  2. Rahann Magritte Gunderit (born 8/11/2514 to Uhlrik Gunderit. Twin to Tanis Oswald)
  3. Katarina Gunderit (born 5/16/2517 to Uhlrik Gunderit)

Other Family:


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Type Female, High Elf, Noblewoman Alignment Good
Description Incredibly beautiful elf-woman with dark golden-blonde hair and blue-purple eyes. 37 years old, 5'11" height. One tattoo on each arm: gryphon & phoenix. Role Seneschal, noble-lady of the house. Retired adventurer and general. Formerly a lightning-fast interceptor and close combatant, wardancer.

 To say that Cassandra is beautiful is to speak too poorly of the woman: hers is a noble elvish beauty that men have killed and died for. Her youthful skin, once bronzed, has been porcelain-pale ever since a Dark Elvish artifact was used to restore her shattered body to health during the taking of Clar Karond. She is slightly below six feet in height and clearly quite young, being a mere 37 years of age. Cassandra has long pointed ears, dark honey-gold hair showering down to her mid thighs and large almond-shaped blue-purple eyes. For an elf, she is unusually buxom and voluptuous. She keeps herself in excellent physical condition with highly toned muscles; she is lightning fast and far stronger than one would expect a slight elfmaid to be. Notably, she has one tattoo on each arm: a gryphon on the left and a phoenix on the right.


She frequently seems either distracted and distant or intensely focused and energetic. In general she has a somewhat haughty air about her, even though she is not afraid in the slightest to get her hands dirty. Cassandra’s voice is low and melodic, and she can project quite forcefully if need be. She speaks in the cultured tones of the nobility of Lothern, the world’s greatest and wealthiest city.


Cassandra owns an extensive wardrobe and usually dresses in the finest of clothing, particularly in expensive dresses or gowns with bodices or corsets designed to provide the support that a full-busted woman such as herself needs. Her hair is usually worn loose, but she has been known to set it in elaborate braided arrangements on occasion. She dearly loves jewelry and beautiful adornments, but prefers not to overdo them. One constant is the star sapphire and diamond ring that Uhlrik gave her when they wed.


When she trains or fights, Cassandra prefers garb reminiscent of the Asrai Wardancers: form-fitting outfits that leave a lot of skin uncovered and allow for minimal interference with her highly acrobatic and fast-paced fighting style. She does, however, still maintain a gleaming suit of finely wrought plate and scale armor styled much like the Silver Helm Knights, which order she once emulated. By way of weapons, she prefers to fight with a sword in each hand: in the one, a sigil-covered magical falchion of Asur make and in the other a slim curved blade that Derelek gifted to her upon his return from Nippon. Her powerful enchanted Phoenix Bow rests on her back when she goes to battle. However, since her withdrawal from active combat duty and adventuring she has had no particular occasion to wear either armor or her military uniform.



M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
6 83 68 6 5 13 100 3 73 73 81 85 60 87
HtH Weapons Statistics
Falchion HW, banesword: elves.
Katana HW
Magic bracelet dagger +10I, -2D, -20Py
2-handed axe -10I, +2D
Lance +20I, +10Ws, +2D, -20Py
Dagger +10I, -2D, -20Py
Knuckledusters -1D


Missile Weapons Statistics
Elf Bow ES4, 32/64/300
Phoenix Bow ES6, 36/72/400, load 2. Phoenix arrows add +1S, 2D6W or D3-1 hits @ S4 D8W
10 throwing knives 4/8/20


Location Armor Value
All Full mithril armor 3
All Sleeved Mail coat w/coif + plate parts 2
Special Elven shield 1

She owns several different suits of armor, detailed above. She has not had occasion to wear any in a while.


Special Skills SW- most, Disarm, Dodge blow, STI, SMB, STS, Street fighter, Marksmanship, Whirling Death, Distract, Transfix, Warchant, Acrobatics, Ambidextrous, Luck, Acute Hearing, Excellent Vision, more
Languages Tar-Elthàrin, Reikspiel, Slavic, Breton, Dark Tongue, Battle, Acane - Magick, Classical, Arcane - Elemental
Magic Items Animated two-handed sword, boots of silence, boots of command, wand of Onyx (10MP), Bracers of Archery, Ring of Warding (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Blast), Earring of Warding (Mental Duel), Scrolls (Move Object, Storm of Magick, Foul Air, Tunnel Through Stone)
Equipment Generally whatever she needs, including an elven steed "Windwalker" and a gryphon "Blizzard-Claw"


EP   Fate 1
Power Level 39 Magic Level 2
Psychology & other Nightvision 30Y, Insanity Points: 6, Phobia & Hatred: Orcs. Assorted personality disorders


Level Spells
P Sleep, Marshlights, Produce Small Creature, Sounds, Curse, Zone of Warmth
B1 Cure Light Injury, Hammerhand, Flight, Detect Magic
E1 Hand of Fire, Magic Light, Zone of Hiding
E2 Extinguish Fire, Resist Fire, Move Object





The Heroes Gather


The Black Dragons


Siege at Bachendorf Keep


Imperial Intrigues


The Hammer Quest


Two Crowns


The Defeat of Gaynor




The Rise of the Dragon Brethren


Current Status

Cassandra is presently retired from active adventuring and combat duties, instead focusing on managing the affairs of the Dragon Brethren as their seneschal and on raising her children. 


Other Important Details


Combat Training

Cassandra is something of a battlefield prodigy, proving to have mastered several very different forms of combat and all at a very young age (for an elf, that is). From her father's retinue, she learned the basics of swordsmanship, archery and jousting, which talents she continued to hone and refine in her travels across the Old World. She found that she could survive crossing blades and lances with many of the deadlier warriors that humanity could muster. One day she managed to win the tuition of a Wood elf wardancer as well, finding the grace, lightning speed and sheer deadliness of those ancient fighting arts singularly suited to her talents. since that time, her preferred mode of fighting has been very fast and lethal, emphasizing flurries of strikes with paired swords.





As has been noted elsewhere, Cassandra's marriage to Uhlrik has been a very rocky one, and Cassandra's several indiscretions with other men have been a major contributing factor.


Her first affair occurred after a major falling-out with Uhlrik (in which she accused him of not loving her enough) after which she set out with the dashing Morvael to continue studying the Wardancers' fighting arts. Fresh from a row with her husband, petulant and vulnerable she fell to the older elf's wiles and ended up in his arms. This torrid affair was not to last however, and when Cassandra decided to call it off and leave, Morvael attempted to keep her. A duel between them broke out and Cassandra left his cooling corpse to return to her husband.


Cassandra's later affair with Torandil Dorhil ended bloodily as well. When Uhlrik demanded satisfaction from the rakish highwayman, Torandil drew his pistol and fired it point blank into Uhlrik's torso without waiting for a proper duel to start. Uhlrik grabbed the Wood Elf and messily killed him, cracking his skull open by repeatedly bashing it with his horns.


These first two affairs arose largely out of a combination of Cassandra's immaturity, naevete and irresponsibility combining badly with guilt over not having chosen a man of her own species. She had great difficulty reconciling her passion and awe for him as a hero and lover with her simultaneous disdain for his ignoble heritage and how easily she could manipulate his emotions. Also, after marrying him she realized what this would mean for her family back in Ulthuan and panicked, causing many of the difficulties that flowed over into their tumultuous bickering and her eventual affairs. When handsome, well-bred (if rustic) elf men came along and showered affection on her, she succumbed to their charms.


After Uhlrik killed Torandil, Cassandra had dalliances with several human men and flaunted them before Uhlrik out of spite. A young swordsman named Stuyvesant slept with her, then got cold feet after realizing what trouble he was sure to be in.


Later, Uhlrik and Cassandra agreed to a long-term separation though she stayed with the Black dragons. During that period she took a young human lover from among the 'Dragons named Otto, though she rapidly tired of him. She shared quarters though never a bed with Albrecht der Rot for a time after leaving Uhlrik since he was a friend to the couple. During this period she also had a casual sexual relationship with Adolf Lundgren, which ended amicably after he fell in love with (and eventually married) Isolde.


While they were still technically apart, Cassandra visited Uhlrik at the Tower of Hoeth since he was there with their twin children. She discovered his reluctant attraction to the Sword-Mistress Astarielle Glitterblade and gave her blessing for any relationship that might spring up with the statuesque Asur woman. Both Cassandra and Uhlrik found Astarielle to be a soothing, calming influence. When Cassandra left the tower she hoped that Uhlrik would move on and forget her; he did try to. Astarielle decided not to accompany him back to the Black Dragons, however, and encouraged him to reach out to his estranged wife.


Their time apart was very good for the two of them, giving each some time to examine what mattered to them. Eventually they decided to begin the process of reconciliation and she moved back in with him and their children. Things were tentatively going pretty well for the pair when Astarielle resurfaced due to Erich's curiosity.


To everyone's surprise, at Cassandra's insitence Astarielle has permanently become a part of the Gunderit family, and has greatly aided Uhlrik and Cassandra in their reconciliation.



The following tropes are associated with Cassandra herself - for the rest of the campaign, please see the tropes page.


Action Mom - She's totally this, and combines it with what just might be an excessive portion of Hot Mom too.

Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other - Cassandra and Uhlrik might not always get along, but they're quick to look out for one another. Messing with either is definitely the other's Berzerk Button.

Bat Deduction - Cassandra often thought this way, and her deductions often defied logic entirely. More than once, she got the right answer for very wrong reasons. This is one of the major reasons Cass was considered the group's cloud cuckoolander. As Matt (Ludwig's player) said after one of her more infamous leaps of illogic, which took place in his very first session with the group, "Do you just pull these things out of the air?"

Boobs of Steel - somewhat averted. Even though she's an elf, she's got a much bigger bust than any other significant character. She is an aggressive up-close combatant however, so on some level the trope fits... except that Rahann is taller and brawnier than Cassandra, but not as well endowed. It must be said that she's not as skinny and frail as many elves are, having relatively wide hips and a greater amount of body muscle to support her strength and speed.

Buxom is Better - She is uniformly described as the most beautiful of the female protagonists, and she's also the most buxom of them. This is no coincidence. She also got a lot of attention from the fellas. She's also something of a type 4 on the Big Breasts Big Deal page.

Cloud Cuckoo Lander - "She crazy" - stock phrase used by the group of players, when speaking about Cassandra.

Custom Uniform of Sexy - Let's just say that the boys liked her Black Dragons uniform...

Dance Battler / She Fu - She's learned and adopted the Wardancer form of combat, which requires lots of athleticism, speed and grace. Oh, and backflips. Given her already-cited Boobs of Steel, this is also widely understood to mean that her Gainaxing is as renowned as her prowess.

Dangerous Forbidden Technique - While it's not forbidden, the Whirling Death is definitely dangerous: it allows her to spend Wound points, on a one-for-one basis, for extra attacks (she can up to double her attacks on a given turn). That's potent but pretty rough already given that she's a Fragile Speedster (even if she never gets hit, she'll wear herself out in a few turns of combat this way), but if her Wounds are reduced to 0 for any reason during a round in which she used Whirling Death, she has pushed herself too hard and passes out immediately.

Domestic Abuser - both emotional and physical (she even tried to kill Uhlrik once, but he defended himself and defeated her). For a while she was all about the "if you really loved me" style of manipulation.

Dual Wielding - Her preferred fighting style, which also facilitates her infamous "Whirling Death" Spam Attack.

Fetish Fuel Station Attendant - High Elf? Check. Giant, bouncy rack? Check check. Tall and leggy, but with curvy hips and a toned backside? A huge wardrobe including: Skintight and revealing leather outfit that shows off her tight abs; a specially-made military uniform; low-cut Renaissance european dresses and outfits, furs, complete but form-fitting armor and diaphanous elven gowns? Check. Has kids? Check check check. She's also not only a skilled warrior but a wardancer. I'm sure that we could find a few more turn-on tropes that fit her. Oh, I know: she's also apparently really friendly with Uhlrik's other wives.

Fourth Date Marriage - Arguably, since her marriage to Uhlrik took place precisely one month after their first date and there were a fair bit of travel and two full-blown adventures (one of which was the rather harrowing Power Behind the Throne, which ended with the Heroes in jail) in between these events so they can't have gotten a lot of real courtship time in there. Subverted a bit in that she had been in a nakama (and lots of Will They Or Won't They) with him for two years by that point.

Fragile Speedster - In this case, "fragile" is definitely a relative term. Compared to a typical person she's both tough and quite strong. Compared to her fighty comrades and the types of foes that can challenge these heroes... not so much. Especially compounded by the fact that she gave up wearing armor at some point along the way to take greater advantage of her speed and acrobatic ability. To the everlasting gratitude of every male that she's not beating up at the time... and even some ladies or people that she actually IS fighting.

Go Nagai Sideburns - She has often sported this look, and she's often been a bit hotblooded to boot. But then, she was created circa 1991 and Hal was a fan of Elfquest...

Hair of Gold - Subverted. She did start out fitting this trope pretty well (though bouncing back and forth between the Spoiled Sweet variety rather than just pure sweet)

Heroic BSOD - When Gaynor battered her into miscarrying, she suffered one of these that had long-lasting impact - this event is considered to be the moment where her marriage started going south.

Heroic RROD - Frequently the result of pushing her body too hard via the Whirling Death.

If I Can't Have You - Morvael tried this, but Cassandra wasn't having any of that and whacked him.

Immortal Procreation Clause - Though most Warhammer Elves play this pretty straight, Cassandra subverts it. She's less than 40 years old and has already had three children, as well as having lost one violently in mid-term. Note that High Elves aren't considered really adult until they're 33, which based on human customs is probably biologically equivalent to 16 or so (and this is the precise age at which she was married). Her first live birth happened only two years later, and her gestational period is a year. So she's been married for seven years and has already had 3 viable pregnancies, spending almost 3 years of that time pregnant. Not so infertile, eh?

Law of Inverse Fertility - Zigzagged. At first when she got together with Uhlrik, Cassandra was very worried about the prospect and risks associated with the fact that any babies she might have with him would be mutants - and knew that she'd get drama from her family as well (above and beyond what she'd get for marrying him in the first place). She consoled herself in the stereotypical low fertility of High Elves. Of course, she almost immediately got pregnant, playing this trope straight. When she learned through an oracle that this, her first child, would actually be pretty much normal but that any further children she'd bear to Uhlrik would definitely be gravely mutated, she accepted her pregnancy, subverting it. Then Gaynor beat her to a pulp with a mace, deliberately forcing a miscarriage and savagely double subverting this trope. Then, of course, once the promised miracle baby out of the way, she got all issues-ridden about the idea of getting pregnant again - and got pregnant a mere five months later, once more playing the trope utterly straight. Once the twins had finally been born and turned out to be cute (albeit mutated), she felt like she'd seriously dodged a bullet, and decided that she didn't want to push her luck like that again, and it looked like she might not have to worry about it since her marriage was on the rocks and they were separated anyway. However, she did still put in the occasional booty call on her estranged husband because, well, he's awesome in bed... so naturally she got pregger again. This kid got a much worse case of mutant-itis, confirming her previous dread.

Mama Bear - do NOT mess with this crazy elf broad's little ones.

The Masochism Tango - she and Uhlrik have been dancing one of these for years. They're practically a canon Crack Pairing a lot of the time.

Make Up Or Break Up - A YoYo Plot Point with she and Uhlrik that seems to have finally been put to bed.

 The Matchmaker - Cassandra seems inordinately fond of seeking out potential matches for other characters, including (especially?!?) for her own husband.

Missing Mom - On two separate occasions Cassandra has separated from Uhlrik (once for 3 months and another time for well over a year) and left him with the children while she carried on with other men.

My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours - She was really into the idea of rivalry and one-upping her teammates' martial abilities. At the start, it was Uhlrik she fixated on besting. When he far outstripped her, she turned her attention to Derelek until she felt she had left him behind... and went after Uhlrik's throne again. Eventually. however, she realized that she Can't Catch Up.

Pimped Out Dress - Cassandra is rather fond of these, both Old World style and High Elf style.

Pregnant Badass - she pulled this one off for a while, until Gaynor badly subverted it. After that, she was more careful.

Rapunzel Hair - She didn't start out with this (instead beginning with late 80's-early nineties Big Hair), but before long she was all over this trope.

Sergeant Rock - very slightly subverted. She asked her husband for a unit to command in the Black Dragons. Wanting to avoid looking like he was showing her any favoritism and wanting to put her through her paces to prove that she was good enough to lead, he gave her the crappiest, hardest job that he could think of at the time: taking a bunch of recently-recruited Ogres and instilling the Black Dragons' rigorous standards of discipline into them. She was offended at first, but then he explained his reasoning and she took him up on the challenge. She knew that for a weedy little elf (being less than half of the body mass and much less able to take a hit than her smallest recruit, hence part of the subversion - see illustration here) to get a pack of ogres to actually pay attention to, much less obey her orders, she would need bucketfuls of attitude so she went all Drill Sergeant Nasty on them and got special weighted cudgels modeled on her famous paired swords then put her blistering speed to good use in beating several of the biggest and toughest ogres into submission. Having gotten their attention, she proceeded to put the lot through training from hell with lots of shouting (see illustration here), bellowing orders and of course a good hard whack if they failed to meet her standards. Once she had whipped them into an actual crack fighting unit, she then led them with distinction through a number of battles, and when she got promoted and reassigned, Thrudd had been sufficiently prepared to take her place. The ogre unit in question was trained so well that it served on several occasions as a (very intimidating) honor guard for diplomatic meetings.

Signature Move - the aforementioned "Whirling Death," which consists of a highly acrobatic two-sword Spam Attack.

Spoiled Sweet /  Lovable Libby - She zigzagged back and forth between these quite a bit, though she wasn't really nasty and vain enough to be a strong example of a Libby for most of her career (and she was smarter than most examples of either). Later on she was... really more crazy as a fruitbat than anything else.

The Unfair Sex - Partially averted, possibly even inverted. She got a lot of crap for cheating on Uhlrik, but when he finally boned another woman (knocked her up too!), he didn't get nearly as much flak. Cassandra herself intercepted most of the potential fallout in this one, since she had literally and deliberately pushed him into the other woman's arms and since she and he were finally trying to get over their marital issues by the time the pregnancy was revealed.

Unto Us A Son and Daughter are born - Little Tanis and Rahann.

The Worf Effect - Partly due to her combined shock trooper and Fragile Speedster characteristics, she was usually the first PC to get taken out in any serious battle. One of the two reasons why she spent a lot of time on her back.

Worf Barrage - Cassandra's "Whirling Death" was frequently this. Firstly, because she was pretty much always the first PC to get in an attack and secondly because this was one of the measuring sticks as to whether a particular opponent was worth the heroes' time: those that were would survive it and usually take her out with a counterattack.

Your Cheating Heart - she had a succession of lovers and this was a bit of a Yoyo Plot point for a while to the point that it stopped being especially interesting, so eventually she decided that she wasn't happy living this way and started working toward a serious reconciliation.