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Cedric Enric

Titles: Memory of the Dragon Brethren, Archmage of the Get of Oroboros.

Player: Current NPC. Initially created by Hal Case & Drew Christensen, played jointly or NPC. Then Mark Hall, then (after a gap) Ricky Burnett, then finally NPC for good.

First Appearance: Original group member.

Status: Active as an NPC; retired from adventuring (see below).

Birthdate: 6/21/2479 IC (age 39, though he is presently undead and so age is no longer particularly relevant)

Death Date: 1/17/2517 IC (age 37 at that time)

Cause of Death: Suicide by poison, as part of the ritual that transformed him into a Liche. Cedric would have died within an hour due to a combination of poisoning by Imrian Shadow-Weaver and complications of injuries inflicted by SoulSlayer even had he not killed himself first.

Marital Status: Special. Cedric himself is the late husband to a widow. He was married to Richelle Antoinette on 9/10/2513 IC. Not long after his decease, he separated from Richelle on grounds that his own death has terminated their union.

Known Offspring:

  1. Dietrich Josef Enric (born 9/23/2515 IC to Richelle Antoinette)
  2. Genevieve Leonore Enric (born 8/18/2517 IC to Richelle Antoinette)

More Pictures



Type Liche Archmage (High College: B5, N5, E2) Alignment Good
Description 6' tall bandaged undead. Empty eyesockets red light pinpoints, brown hair but bleaching to white. Eagle-talons for hands & feet, horns and a tail, with black-feathered wings on his back. Wears tattered robes, a hood and often a tall hat. Role Archmage, advisor

In life, Cedric was a harsh, strict and opinionated man, aloof and dedicated to his ambitions. His curiosity was deep and his insight deeper still, yet his temper and tongue were both sharp; in fact, he was a bit of a wit when the mood struck him.


Now that he is dead, he is even more aloof and remote, his personality's sharper edges dulled considerably. Cedric seems increasingly inscrutable and cryptic in his words and actions. The walking corpse still has emotions, but they seem separated from him somehow. He is possibly even more obsessive about his studies than before now that homely comforts are denied him. Interestingly, he has become less selfish and more interested in influencing the world for the better - perhaps because his perspective is less mortal and limited, or perhaps as a deliberate means of staving off madness and morbidity. He is totally loyal to Uhlrik's vision for the world, having already died for it once...


The leathery, gaunt and desiccated walking corpse of what looks like a 6' tall hawk-nosed, bearded man/daemon, Cedric is definitely a twisted shell of his former self. Empty eye sockets gleam with red light and his brown hair is bleaching to white. He has cracked three fingered eagle-like talons for hands and feet, as well as curved horns and a tail. Dull black-feathered wings spread menacingly from his back. He keeps his limbs and torso mostly wrapped in linens much like a mummy, and smells noticeably of dust, spices, sulfur and natron. Cedric moves in a deliberate, unhurried and slightly stiff manner, and remains totally and eerily still if he has no specific reason to be in physical motion. When Cedric speaks, his deep voice is otherworldly and hollow, seeming almost to come from someplace far away rather than within his body. These latter details give the distinct and probably accurate impression that his body is merely an anchor and a tool for his soul to interact with the material world.


No longer particularly concerned about his appearance, Cedric wears tattered blue and gray robes covered in magical symbols, a hood and often a tall pointed hat with a wide brim and two battered gray feathers stuck in its hatband. His corpse is festooned with magical trinkets and talismans, many of which he created himself. He usually carries a tall and crooked staff topped with an eagle emblem in one hand, and keeps a wand tipped with an avian’s skull and crafted from finest jet through his belt. A long-bladed sword rests on his hip. Cedric wears a bandoleer and belt from which depend numerous pouches, scroll-tubes and compartments for the tools of his esoteric craft. He is accompanied everywhere by four flying skulls, each with its left eye socket plated over with a leaden patch and the right emitting a dull red glow. Spectral beings follow in his wake and fill the air with ethereal whispers.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
4 46 42 4 4 24 75 5(7) 64 89 99 89 89 -


HtH Weapons Statistics
Sword HW (rune of death vs. Orc/Half-orc)
Knife +10I, -2D, -20Py(dagger of halflings)
Claws, horns HW. +2att flying over enemy
Staff -1D
Spear +10/+20I, +10Ws


Location Armor Value
Head +1 Headband 1
All Robe of Toughness 2


Special Skills Dodge Blow, SW-2 handed, ambidextrous, Cast Spells (numerous), Excellent Vision, Meditate, Magic Sense/Awareness, Lore (Scroll, Daemon, Rune, Herb), ID (Magic, undead), Manufacture (Drugs, scrolls, potions, magic items, poison), metallurgy, smithing, evaluate, Divining, more
Languages Reikspiel, Breton, Tar-Elthárin, Classical, Arcane Languages (Magick, A. Dwarf, Necro, Elem)
Equipment Generally, whatever he needs
Magic Items Wands (Onyx w/7MP, Jet, Dust), Dwarven Ring of Protection (1/2 damage from undead, +10 to all related tests), magic dictation pen, magic chess set, animated candleholder & fan, magic jewels (Energy w/10MP, Spell w/Change Allegiance), Potions (2 healing, 6 disguise, 4 water walking, 6 tongues), Vast scroll collection & numerous grimoires
Minions 32 Death Skulls, 2 Homonculi, numerous wraiths, revenants etc.


Level Spells
P Gift of Tongues, Magic Alarm, Magic Lock, Open, Produce Small Creature, Protection From Rain, Sleep
B1 CLW, Detect Magic, Fireball, Flight, Hammerhand, Wind Blast
B2 Lightning Bolt, Mystic Mist, Mental Duel, Raze, Steal Magical Power
B3 Cause Cowardly Flight, Cloak of Darkness, Corrode, Dispel Magic, Magic Bridge, Transfer Aura
B4 Aura of Invulnerability, Blast, CSW, Drain Magic, Stand Still
B5 Judgment By Thunder, Permanency
C1 Bonds of Color
C2 Combustion of Magic
N1 Destroy Undead, Summon Skeletons
N2 Control Undead, Hand of Dust, Repair Undead, Summon Skeleton Minor Hero
N3 Annihilate Undead, Raise Dead, Summon Skeleton Horde
N4 Summon Skeleton Major Hero, Wind of Death
E1 Hand of Fire, Magic Light, Zone of Hiding
E2 Cause Rain, Move Object


Power Level 62 Magic Level 5
EP   Fate 1


Psychology & other Immune to Psychology, Causes Terror, has Transfixing Gaze, Flies as a swooper





The Heroes Gather


The Black Dragons


Siege at Bachendorf Keep


Imperial Intrigues




The Hammer Quest


The Defeat of Gaynor


An Inconvenient Demise


The Rise of the Dragon Brethren


Current Status


Other Important Details




For tropes associated with the rest of the campaign, see the Tropes page.


The Archmage - Cedric is most definitely one of these: he is demonstrably more powerful than any known living human wizard and might possibly be the most powerful sorcerer on the planet, and is certainly peer to the likes of Nagash, Drachenfels, Teclis and Mazdamundi.

Cryptic Conversation - As a Zen Survivor, he has developed a fondness for these in the time since his undeath.

Badass Beard - In the beginning of the campaign when he was just an apprentice, he went about clean-shaven and was decidedly not badass. Then he learned some real magic, started kicking butt and grew a beard. The jury is still out as to which was cause and which was effect.

Beam Spam - Cedric routinely flings a veritable storm of simultaneous lighting bolts at his enemies, to the tune of five every round if he's inclined. Against Dark Wizards he can crank this up to 10 per round.

Body Horror - Cedric has experienced several different metamorphoses over time, and for different reasons. All have qualified as body horror. Only one was voluntary (albeit under duress), though one of the others was a consequence of his own voluntary act.

Dark Is Not Evil - Gallons of this, paired with the fact that he does suffer from The Corruption, but refuses to succumb to its lure. See also Our Liches Are Different, below.

Creepy Monotone - He traded in his pulse for one of these, paired with an echoing voice that's ever-so-slightly out of sync with his mouth movements.

Elemental Powers - He makes use of spells that harness a wide variety of different elemental components.Cedric is also notable for being skilled in using both necromantic and elementalist magic.

Emergency Transformation - He turned himself permanently into an undead Liche, cheating his own impending death-by-poisoning specifically so that he could save his wife from her kidnappers. That's right, he Cursed Himself with Awesome for a chick.

Energy Absorption - One of his favorite tactics against opposing spellcasters and supernatural entities is to rip all of the magic out of them and disperse it - which disables and KOs spellcasters and banishes/destroys daemons, undead and similar beings... He also will periodically steal smaller portions of magical power for himself rather than just blasting away an opponent's magic.

Fantastic Nuke - Cedric knows, and has on one documented occasion, used a spell by the name of Wind of Death. This spell inflicts necrotic damage that ignores Toughness on every living thing within a mile and a half of the target point. He also uses a lot of hyper-powerful blasting spells (nastier than the potent yet prosaically-named Blast, even) that do much greater damage over a much smaller area, such as Judgment by Thunder and the horrific Combustion of Magic, which temporarily empties a several mile square area of one of the colors of the Winds of Magic with each casting.

FOR MAGIC - So, so much of the time, this is why he does what he does, and why he sometimes overlooks the moral and other implications of what he is creating or studying. Interestingly, he does actually go out of his way to use ethical means to obtain experimental and test subjects for the most part, though he will cheerfully use the bodies (and sometimes souls) of enemies slain for other reasons in his experimentation. Perhaps the best examples of his FOR MAGIC! mentality involve using himself as a test subject. First, his self-transformative ritual that allowed him to breakthrough to 5th level magic - partially done by deliberately and forcibly overloading himself with magical power over an extended period (done without regard to his personal safety or the wellbeing of his soul) - which turned out badly for his co-researcher the aptly-named Herionymus Blitzen. After the first thief (Erich) attempted to steal the parts of Cedric's extremely detailed research notes had survived the explosion, Cedric destroyed what remained to keep it in his own head and out of the wrong hands.

Glowing Eyelights of Undeath - Cedric's sunken eyesockets have glowing red points of light instead of eyes. This creeps everybody else out even more than his voice.

I want my Beloved to Be Happy - After a brief attempt at Resurrected Romance, He decided that it was best to distance himself from Richelle (and the son she was pregnant with when he died) and encouraged his widow to move on rather than remaining in regular contact with her. He went on to advise her the he would not object if she were to remarry.

Lean and Morally Ambiguous - He was always relatively lanky, but as he reached arch-magical power he actually grew several inches in height without gaining any weight, and then of course he died and had himself mummified, making this a totally justified trope.

Magical Gesture - most of his artwork has depicted him doing one.

Magical Society - Cedric is the titular head of The Get of Oroboros, a cabal of wizards that are members of the Dragon Brethren. They handle battlefield magic as well as helping place potential apprentices with masters. Cedric has stated that one of his objectives is to found an actual magical school.

Magic Wand - Cedric actually has 3 different magical wands, each with a different special function. He prefers to use his Wand of Jet pretty much every time he casts a spell, given that it drastically reduces their MP cost.

Our Liches Are Different - For one thing, he's got a phylactery unlike most Warhammer Liches. Also, he carefully avoids becoming Drunk on the Dark Side through a combination of Heroic Willpower, Due to the Dead, wielding Rainbow (High) rather than Dark magic and making a point of remembering that he Was Once a Man.

Personality Powers - Sort of subverted. He has the strict, incredibly disciplined but detached personality associated with the High college of magic... but being a practitioner of that college, he sues magic from all of the colored colleges, frequently all at once. So, while the individual powers that he's using don't usually reflect his personality, the fact that they are multidisciplinary does.

Person of Mass Destruction - Uhlrik may be arguably the mightiest living warrior in the world and a scion of divine power, but even he can't sweep a mile and a half radius area clean of life with a single spell. Cedric can. He's definitely the highest tier character in the original group.

Power Floats - As a liche, Cedric is prone to this. He didn't do this when he was alive though; he got dramatic wind instead.

Power Glows - Oh so much. Even before he acquired a set of permanent glowing eyelights of undeath, his eyes would routinely glow bright yellow, blue or white when he was either about to or currently engaged in laying the magical smackdown on somebody. When he's really pulling out all the stops, he rapidly acquires a fully developed battle aura or even a Sphere of Power.

Red Mage - Cedric is definitely this: He practices the two mutually exclusive disciplines of Necromancy and Elementalism and of course the classic default discipline for WFRP wizards, Nuking (and Yes, he's a walking Yin Yang Bomb).

Robe and Wizard Hat - He's gone back and forth on this one over the years, sometimes going for a robe and sometimes preferring a tunic. Either hat or hood has been pretty much standard for him though.

Signature Spell - According to memetic mutation, his used to be Blast. Given that the spell in question is usually not very cost-effective he actually uses other spells (either much bigger or weaker but more efficient) a lot more often. Nowadays, his signature spell is arguably the 5th level Battle Magic spell Judgment By Thunder, given that he invented that spell himself and the fact that it is the biggest blasting spell available. He doesn't cast it in every battle, but the occasions that he does are... memorable.

The Smart Guy - Party wizard. Yeah, it's a given.

Squishy Wizard / Glass Cannon - Ever since he learned his first attack spell, he's been a major component of the team's offensive firepower. And has been somewhat squishy compared to his teammates (less so compared to the average joe, though... in that respect he's a subversion in that he got in his share of swordfights and was generally able to walk away from them). However, undeath twisted all  that around and gave his Wounds and Attacks scores a massive boost. Not so squishy anymore...

To Be A Master - Cedric's greatest motivation throughout the first half or so of the campaign.

Too Many Pouches - Cedric wore several belts, covered with enough pouches to make Rob Liefeld blush. However, In Cedric's case this is justified: he's got scads of spell components to carry around and likes to keep them divided up and categorized.

Transhuman Treachery - Deliberately subverted on Cedric's part - this is the assumed result for pretty much anybody that becomes undead or acquires Chaos mutations, but Cedric is both and the process actually made him more concerned about humanity. He's gone through the first three Stages of Monster Grief, and everybody (himself included) is fervently hoping that he never hits the fourth.

True Neutral - Cedric spent most of the campaign mostly just interested in learning more about magic for its own sake, and wasn't especially concerned about morality one way or another. He fought Chaos and evil beings for profit and because they were a threat to himself and to his friends rather than out of any particular moral responsibility, being a type III Anti Hero. However, after his transformation into a liche he has very consciously made a point of focusing more on morality as a means of keeping The Corruption in check and keeping himself from going mad and descending cackling into demented cruelty. He's still very nuanced now, sliding quite a bit between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good territory.

Zen Survivor - Cedric has literally done it all and found a way to keep kicking, including dying and clawing his way back from the grave.


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