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The Dragon Brethren

(Die Drachen-Brüder)

Formerly known as the Black Dragons (Die Schwarze Drachen).

  1. The Dragon Brethren
  2. Structure
  3. Personalities
    1. The Great Dragon
    2. “Conscience”
      1. “Foresight” – Cedric Enric
      2. “Memory” – Albrecht Der Rot
    3. The War Council
      1. Chancellor – Ludwig Wolfmar MacRae Drache
      2. Chief of the War Council – Adolf Lundgren
    4. The Storm Dragons
      1. Seneschal – Kinthane Cassandra Laurean Gunderit
      2. Interpreter/Chief Negotiator – Lady Astarielle Glitterblade Gunderit
      3. The Great Dragon’s Aide – Major Kaspar Kahl
      4. Castellan – Colonel Louis Le Bon
      5. The Get of Oroboros
        1. Archmage – Cedric Enric
        2. Deputy Archmage – Tovril Der Grün
        3. Malavandrel Laurean
        4. Colonel Derelek Caravan
        5. Avlandron Ellwing
        6. Durlenia
        7. Rasputin Ivanovich
        8. Friedrich Bär
      6. The Great Claw Sentinels
        1. Thrudd
      7. The Dragon’s Claw
        1. Major Olaf Bergeson (griffon) (mace: bane vs. ogre/troll, +1 D, magic damper)
      8. The Deep Drakens
        1. Chief Engineer – Colonel Derelek Caravan (see Get of Oroboros)
      9. Priesthoods
        1. Priests of Asuryan – Liandrel Whitemantel
        2. Priests of Ulric – Rolf Der Weiß
        3. Priestesses of Shallya – Richelle Antoinette Enric
    5. The Clans of the Brethren
    6. The Gold Dragons
      1. Councilor – Ludwig Wolfmar MacRae Drache
        1. Colonel Paulus van Buijtendorp
        2. Colonel Stephan Glaser
        3. Internal Security Officer – Kreeshana Jewelhand
        4. Major Boris Smirnoff
    7. The Steel Dragons
      1. Councilor – Adolf Lundgren
        1. Aide – Major Yuri Ivanovich
        2. Colonel Wilhelm van der Haart
        3. Colonel Fritz Schwarz
    8. The Red Dragons
      1. Councilor – Gaston L’Honneur
        1. Aide – Major Pierre de Breton
        2. Colonel Stefan Ritter
        3. Colonel Magnus von Dußeldorf
    9. The Green Dragons
      1. Councilor – Olegnya Yeltsin
        1. Aide –
        2. Colonel Johann Altdorfer
        3. Colonel Jakob Grünburger
    10. The Blue Dragons
      1. Councilor – Vanye Waverider
        1. Aide – Ibrahim Fahd
        2. Captain Hals Schiffbauer
    11. The Shadow Dragons
      1. Councilor – Chief of Intelligence Erich Brauer
  4. History
  5. Objectives & Military Doctrine
    1. Conquest
    2. Assimilation
    3. Combined Arms
  6. Demographics
    1. Core Members
      1. Religion
      2. Language
      3. Nonhumans
    2. Newcomers
      1. The Albionish
      2. Language






The Great Dragon

Uhlrik Gunderit Der Größerdrache (Commander-in-Chief)




chief advisors, empowered to remove even the Great Dragon if necessary.


“Foresight” – Cedric Enric

Also Archmage of the Get of Oroboros (Liche B5, N4, E2)


“Memory” – Albrecht Der Rot

Dragon-steed, mentor and guardian to the Great Dragon.

former mercenary general. Advisory member of the War Council

Male Dragon, former human.



First Appearance: Albrecht had brief appearances primarily as a downtime support character even before The Restless Dead, but his first major appearance during an adventure was Siege on Bachendorf Keep. Imrian Shadow-weaver's unstable magic transformed Albrecht into a dragon during the Daemon War.


Description: Most obviously, Albrecht is a dragon. As dragons go he is of middling to large size, so his head alone is longer than a man is tall. He is sinuous and lean, built something like a serpent. His head it topped with backward-swept horns, spiny ridges and trailing whiskers. Albrecht’s hide is an orange-red in color, and is mottled with flecks of iron gray. His wicked talons have a similarly metallic sheen. In all, His coloration gives him the appearance of being composed of severely rusted metal. Albrecht’s slit-pupiled eyes are copper in color and blaze with a combination of formidable will and seasoned wisdom.


Albrecht speaks with a booming rumble that is thoughtful and metered and betrays a slight Nulner accent. He does not speak rashly or without first giving his words due consideration. Since his transformation from human to dragon, Albrecht has no further need for or particular desire for clothing, though he does wear a few ornaments such as rings and neck-chains that have been crafted for him. Also, he has two large saddles that can be fitted to his back, just forward of the base of his wings: one designed for Uhlrik and one for use by anybody else that the wyrm deigns to carry.



The War Council

“The Council of Wyrms”


This is the governing legislative and deliberative body of the Dragon Brethren. The leader of each clan holds a voting seat on this council, hence their title of “Councilor.” Four out of the six voting council members are men that fought at Uhlrik's side in the siege on Bachendorf Keep. The Conscience and several top Storm Dragon Officials hold advisory, non-voting seats on this council.


Chancellor – Ludwig Wolfmar MacRae Drache

Marshall of the Dragon Brethren

Councilor of the Gold Dragons (overall second-in-command of the Dragon Brethren).


Chief of the War Council – Adolf Lundgren

Councilor of the Steel Dragons

Male human General

Picture with Olegnya

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

Description: The tall, broad epitome of blonde Imperial masculinity, he is attractive but not overly handsome.

Adolf was a founding member of the Black Dragons and is now the leader of the Steel Dragon clan. He is an open, humble, honest and confident man. Adolf prefers to fight on foot with his beloved halberd "heartsblood" and commands his troops personally from the battle front. Adolf is a devoted husband to his wife Isolde (who is six years his junior), though before he met her he did have a brief casual dalliance with Cassandra. This last is ironic because Adolf is explicitly and totally loyal to Uhlrik, who he considers one of his greatest friends and inspirations.



The Storm Dragons

The Great Dragon’s Own, the “Cloudwyrms”.

Motto: Virtus Facit Nobilem (virtue makes one noble - this is actually the motto of the Gunderit family)

Emblem: A dragon emerging from a cloud amid thunderbolts


This is not a clan, but more of a leadership body to coordinate clan efforts via logistics, provide a permanent garrison and operate Schloß Drache itself. They are essentially Der Größerdrache’s personal retainers.


Seneschal – Kinthane Cassandra Laurean Gunderit

Der Größerdrache’s first wife (gryphon)


Interpreter/Chief Negotiator – Lady Astarielle Glitterblade Gunderit

Der Größerdrache’s second wife

Chief Negotiator and Interpreter to the Dragon Brethren

Female High Elf former Swordmistress of Hoeth

astarielle sketch


First Appearance: Ulthuan Period, shortly after the Siege of Lothern.

Description: A tall, statuesque elf woman with pale blonde hair and blue eyes, Astarielle is stately and graceful in both form and demeanor. She is quite slender but strong and fit enough to wield her two-handed sword with remarkable ease, stamina and precision. Her hair is usually worn in a single braid down a bit past her waist. Her expression is usually serious, stoic and businesslike, though she is not slow to smile. An accomplished public speaker and interpreter, Astarielle speaks clearly and smoothly.


Astarielle prefers the simple yet elegantly cut blue robes of a Sword Master of Hoeth, but is also perfectly comfortable in any number of fine gowns and dresses suited to state affairs or everyday matters. She usually eschews much in he way of jewelry, but is always wearing an item or two. Her aforementioned blade is an Elven Greatsword, a wicked yet finely balanced instrument of death nearly as long as she is tall. She also still retains the plate-and scale armor of her order against the day that she should have to take up her sword against the enemy once more.


The Great Dragon’s Aide – Major Kaspar Kahl

Aide to Der Größerdrache, Major in the Storm Dragons, former Drake.

Male human Mercenary Captain



First Appearance: Sometime in the Ulthuan Period or late Middenheim Period.

Description: Kaspar is a bald, brown-eyed Talabheimer of average height with a black moustache and a prounounced limp from an old war wound. His dear wife passed away on [15 Rain] giving birth to their second child - this is a source of considerable distress in his life. Kaspar is clever, resourceful, personable and alert. A man of solid discretion and a gift for watching his words carefully, Kaspar is an excellent choice for aide.

His enchanted sword is named "Hand" and he rides a griffon named "Blaze"


Castellan – Colonel Louis Le Bon

Castellan of Schloß Drache, Colonel in command of the Storm Dragon troops.

Male, human, Mercenary Colonel.

As Castellan, he is charged with the defense of Schloß Drache. (gryphon w/ crest & hooves)

First Appearance: Middenheim Period.



The Get of Oroboros

This is a cabal made up of those Wizards that the Dragon Brethren employ.


Archmage – Cedric Enric

Also “Foresight.” (Liche B5, N4, E2)


Deputy Archmage – Tovril Der Grün

Male human Jade Wizard (Lvl 4)


purple monocle


First Appearance: Early Ulthuan Period. He was first mentioned during the Siege of Lothern storyline.

Tovril is a sarcastic and ebullient fellow who, were it not for his wizardly robes, would be more easily taken for a portly teamster than a wizard. He is Cedric's right hand in leading the Get of Oroboros, and Cedric tasks him with most of the day to day affairs of the cabal as a whole, preferring not to inflict his eldritch presence on mortals any more than is necessary. Therefore, while Cedric is the mind of the Cabal, Tovril is its hands, face and voice. Among his magical accouterments is included a curious and potent purple monocle taken from the fallen Aglareth Brightcloak. If Tovril is seen openly wearing this monocle, then the danger afoot must be grave indeed.


Malavandrel Laurean

Male High Elf Illusionist (High college: Lvl 3 Illusionist, 2nd level Battle Mage)

elder brother to Cassandra


First Appearance: Late Middenheim Period, during Uhlrik and Cassandra's first trip to Lothern.

Malavandrel is a tall, very skinny elf man with long, curly blonde hair and a highly expressive face. He is a quiet, bookish sort and is fully aware that he is highly learned though he is also open-minded. He may be reserved but has a lively sense of humor as well when he comes out of his shell.

Malavandrel wields an enchanted staff and rides a griffon named "Razorwing."


Colonel Derelek Caravan

also commands Deep Drakens (Dwarf Gold A4)


Avlandron Ellwing

(High Elf B3, E3)



(female elf B3) (wand of fear, guardian of Sylia, Hotek’s ~8YO daughter)


Rasputin Ivanovich

(Light B2) (Ring: illusion of buildings)


Friedrich Bär

(Amber B1)


The Great Claw Sentinels

Ogre honor guard that attends the Great Dragon and provides a hard core to protect top officers. 


Major of the Dragon Brethren, commander of Uhlrik's personal guard "The Sentinels".

Convincer of the DragonWolves

Male Ogre mercenary captain

NPC, but originally introduced as a PC played by Ryan Powell.


First Appearance: The dungeon crawls of the Nuln Period.


Other Sentinels

  • Captain Haggoth, 1st Sentinels
  • Captain Gorm, 2nd Sentinels
  • Captain Lorm (twin brother of Gorm), 3rd Sentinels
  • Captain Grothlog, 4th Sentinels


The Dragon’s Claw

Order of the Storm Drake. These are handpicked knights and footmen given the signal honor of serving among the Great Dragon’s Own.

Major Olaf Bergeson (griffon) (mace: bane vs. ogre/troll, +1 D, magic damper)

  • Captain Ernst Sigmarsson, 1st Claw Cavalry, the “Death Dragons” (these men ride with Uhlrik himself) (gryphon)
  • Captain Alberich von Delberz, 2nd Claw Cavalry, the “Black Dragons” (gryphon)
  • Captain Georg Kemp, 3rd Claw Foot
  • Captain Hannes Gerber, 4th Claw Foot


The Deep Drakens

Engineers’ corps.

This organization is almost entirely composed of Dwarves, and provides engineering, architectural, craft and artillery support, but the doughty Dwarves also insist on taking the field when the opportunity arises.

Chief Engineer – Colonel Derelek Caravan (see Get of Oroboros)

  • Sappers – Captains Gurni Axe-Wielder & Yorri Greatbeard (almost always seen together)
  • Gunnery Chief – Major Thorngrim Forkbeard
  • Artillery Chief – Major Gordin Halfhand
  • Master Smith – Snorri Goldtooth
  • Smith – Captain Lodin Ironbrow (also commands a unit of Dwarf axemen), Apprentice – Berrik Ironbrow (Lodin’s son, also a scout)
  • Smith – Lieutenant Thorin Stoneheel (again, leads a unit)



Spiritual leadership of the Dragon Brethren is within the purview of the Storm Dragons, who sponsor and protect the priests of several deities. The leaders of the respective faiths are listed below.

Priests of Asuryan – Liandrel Whitemantel

(High Elf C2)

  • Initiates – Finaeris & Torian


Priests of Ulric – Rolf Der Weiß


  • Sven Wolf (C1) (served in Ludwig’s unit)
  • Initiates – Wolmar Maurer, Reinhardt Kaldhofer, Matthias Bäcker


Priestesses of Shallya – Richelle Antoinette Enric


  • Initiates – Greta von Auerswald, Lotte Bauer



The Clans of the Brethren

These are the main strength of the Dragon Brethren, divided into clans that are each focused on a different aspect of wartime operations, or rather a different segment of the overall military force. Each is led by a member of the War Council.



The Gold Dragons


Motto: Furth, Fortune and Fill the Fetters

Emblem: A Gold Dragon clasping a key in one claw and a sword in the other. Usually depicted with the motto on a ring about this emblem.

These are magistrates who enforce the will of the council & see to internal affairs.


Councilor – Ludwig Wolfmar MacRae Drache

Chancellor and Marshall of the Dragon Brethren.


Colonel Paulus van Buijtendorp



Colonel Stephan Glaser

(greatsword) (helm of Corrosion)


Internal Security Officer – Kreeshana Jewelhand

Major, Internal Security Officer in the Gold Dragons

Female Dark Elf Merc. Captain, lover of Ludwig


Major Boris Smirnoff


Captain Rolf Eisenschwarz

leads “The Black Icicle” (former Ludwig lancer)


  • Lieutenant Heinrich Schuster (former Ludwig lancer)


  • Lieutenant Lorenz Schmidt (former Ludwig lancer, one eye & black hair)


Captain Wallace Macrae

(cousin to Robert) commands the Highlanders Albionish Regiment (MacRae, Forsyth & Craig clansmen)


  • Lieutenant Douglas Forsyth (nephew of Angus)


  • Lieutenant Axel MacRae



The Steel Dragons


These men provide the primary infantry might of the Dragon Brethren, with numerous regiments of pikemen, halberdiers, greatswords and the like.


Emblem: A serpent with a dragon's head twined about a tower.


Councilor – Adolf Lundgren

Chief of the War Council (see above), General


Aide – Major Yuri Ivanovich


Colonel Wilhelm van der Haart

(halberd: mighty strike v. Daemon)


Colonel Fritz Schwarz



The Red Dragons



Emblem: A dragon in flight and bearing a lance from which flutters a pennant.

The Drakes specialize in cavalry and shock troops.


Councilor – Gaston L’Honneur

Male human General

Picture with Vanye

First Appearance: Sometime in the Middenheim Period. He joined the Black Dragons in IC 2515.


Gaston is smart, brave and bold yet also hot-tempered and a bit arrogant. He believes in martial honor and is quite a capable commander though he has strong personality flaws as well, lacking self-control. The Bretonnian knight sees himself as a great ladies' man and has a penchant for romantic conquest, especially being drawn to elven women. Gaston is known to be very attracted to Kreeshana, but by the time he began pursuing her she had eyes only for Ludwig.


Aide – Major Pierre de Breton


Colonel Stefan Ritter


Colonel Magnus von Dußeldorf



The Green Dragons

“Dragon’s Breath”


Emblem: A dragon's head exhaling a gout of flames.

This clan specializes in scouting, exploration and ranged combat. They are the chief source of rangers and skirmishers.


Councilor – Olegnya Yeltsin

Male human General

Picture with Adolf

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

Description: Olegnya is a Kislevite of average height with a short beard and sharp hazel eyes. He has a hooked nose and a rather ordinary appearance overall.


Another founding Black Dragon, Olegnya believes in the mission of the Dragon Brethren and has taken up the cause as his own. He is a genuinely good man, known for being friendly, soft-spoken and easy to listen to because he legitimately is interested in and cares about people. Olegnya's one point of vainglory is his marksmanship: he knows that he is a master marksman with his crossbow and takes considerable pride in his accomplishments in this field.


Aide –


Colonel Johann Altdorfer

Male, Human, Mercenary Captain and Longbowman.

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep.He was the original leader of the Black Dragons' unit of longbowmen.


Major Rudolf Schneider



  • Captain Heinrich Delberz, scouts
  • Captain Erhardt Jäger, scouts


Colonel Jakob Grünburger

light horse


Major Erich Topfer, light horse


  • Captain Andreas Kurtz, outriders
  • Captain Uhler Brasthorfer, outriders



The Blue Dragons


Motto: None at this time.

Emblem: None at this time.

This is the naval arm of the Dragon Brethren, managing sea shipping and oceanic warfare. This is also the most ethnically diverse of the clans.


Councilor – Vanye Waverider

Captain of the greatship Dragon’s Revenge.

Admiral of the Dragon Brethren fleet.

Male human navy admiral

NPC, but originally introduced as a backup PC for Elgin Hushbeck III, a squire for Cassandra.

Picture with Gaston

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep.


Aide – Ibrahim Fahd

(Arabian longtime friend of Vanye’s.)


Captain Hals Schiffbauer

Captain of the greatship Maw of the Dragon.

Squadron Commander – Captain Herpin Halstadt

(wolfship galleys)

Squadron Commander – Captain Johann Blutsee

(buccaneer frigates)

Squadron Commander – Captain Gunnar Swensen


Squadron Commander – Captain Veronique L’Anguille

(corsair barks)



The Shadow Dragons


Motto: None at this time.

Emblem: None at this time.

This is the espionage arm of the Dragon Brethren, consisting of spies and agents of all sorts. Its counselor is presently in the Old World, engaged in recruiting capable espionage agents.


Councilor – Chief of Intelligence Erich Brauer




Objectives & Military Doctrine




The Dragon Brethren are bent upon concquering the territories now known as Naggaroth in the New World and building up a new society and a new order there. Their stated goal is to continue waging war against the Kingdom of Naggaroth until it no longer exists as a political entity and all of its territories and surviving peoples are under their banner. Further, they intend to stamp out the practice of slavery in the northern New World entirely, and to ban any and all of their subjects from holding or trading slaves.




The Dragon Brethren have a different view of what should be done about the Dark Elves than do their High Elf sponsors. The war between the two related strains of Elves has been so bitter and has gone on for so long that neither ever considers extending quarter to the other, and simply seek annihilation in any encounter. One famous battle between Asur and Druchii left no survivors on either side, and the Dragon Brethren feel that this is a sign of the ultimate outcome of the eternal war between the two peoples unless the war can be stopped entirely.


While the Black Dragons have every intention of breaking the power of the Dark Elf kingdom entirely and eliminating its threat forever, they have decided not to seek the extinction of the Druchii themselves. While they are of the opinion that the highest ranks of the Druchii will almost certainly have to be exterminated thoroughly, they do not believe that it will be necessary or advisable to put every man, woman and child among their society to the sword. As such, they are willing to do something that the High Elves have not done in millennia: negotiate with the Druchii and to offer terms of surrender. In fact, the example of Kreeshana has given them hope that it might be possible to even win over some of their foes to their side in hope of having more sympathetic masters than the iron-handed, paranoid and malicious Malekith. However, they do not intend to go naively into such an endeavor, for they are well aware that the Dark Elves have well earned their reputation for treachery. In fact, they count on the fact that at the right place and time, Dark Elves can be counted on to betray one another (or anyone else) if they think they can achieve a significant advantage against some rival, and build contingencies into any plan that might include Dark Elf confederates.



Combined Arms


The Dragon Brethren are well aware that they face an ancient and powerful foe that has waged war for millennia, and they are further aware that they are currently fewer in number than the foes they hope to concquer. While they do make heavy use of their flying fortress, they are more than aware that it cannot be everywhere or a part of every engagement, and so they seek to make maximum use of what force they have in each encounter. To do this, they seek a tight coordination between cavalry, infantry and artillery in each battle, with missile and melee troops operating in tight synchronization and the strictest discipline.


The Dragon Brethren's infantry forces owe much to the Landsknecht style of warfare: aggressive use of offensive Pike formations with supporting halberds, greatswords and units of sword-and-shield men along with large numbers of missile-armed troops, either crossbowmen or arquebusiers. Their heavily armored halberdiers (long colloquially called the Wurms) have long been the terror of enemy troops, disrupting enemy pike formations and flanking cavalry that have been engaged by the pike-armed troops. The Black Dragons, in their earlier days, had few firearms, but they are rapidly adding more to their forces, as Uhlrik believes that the power of these arms is the future, and will give the Dragons an edge against the Druchii and their Cold One Knights. Their great power combined with the fact that they have a rate of fire that is at least equal if not superior to that of crossbows means that the Brethren are sure to focus increasingly on firearms, though for now they are only one part of an overall combined arms effort. Their Arquebus troops tend to operate in a triple line to allow for constant rotating fire.


However, The Dragon Brethren have also long been known for the quality of their cavalry. While they are aware enough of developments in military technology that they do not rely on their heavy cavalry as the prime component of their battle strategy, they still have a formidable place in the overall combat doctrine of the Dragons. First, their heavy knights and armored pistoliers are used to rout opposing cavalry forces while their lighter cavalry are used to steamroll skirmishers, thus enabling the Dragons' doughty infantry to close unimpeded to devastate their foes. With the foes' cavalry and harrying troops dispatched, the Dragons' knights are usually used to strike at the flank or rear of enemy formations, or to engage hard targets like Trolls or War Hydras that have managed to survive the artillery bombardment.


As for artillery, the Dragon Brethren have become firm believers in the power of the cannon as a weapon suited not only for engaging troops but destroying fortifications, being more flexible and powerful than the vicious antipersonnel repeating bolt throwers that the Dark Elves favor, though they do make use of bolt throwers (of their own make and those that have been  taken from defeated Druchii) as well. They make a point of barraging their foes with their artillery as long as possible in any engagement, firing into the foe before the infantry engage, and even once the forces at large are committed, they will continue to target reserves, headquarters and anything else that can be destroyed without harming their own troops. Their gunners are trained to employ concentration of fire to achieve maximum devastation in smaller sections of the enemy force and thus break them up in turn rather than firing across an entire enemy front. In a protracted battle with a fixed position, they will also construct stone throwers on the spot as needed, though apart from that this sort of weapon is no longer being commissioned, and their entire (considerable) stock is presently installed in batteries on Schloß Drache itself or the walls of Kalterhafen to bombard foes from above.


Indeed, the Dragon Brethren are also pioneering the use of combined operations between land and naval forces, using ships to bombard land-based targets as well as to provide logistic support and to move troops. Their ships are used for much more than just to destroy enemy ships or move materiel and personnel: they are part of a holistic military effort. Schloß Drache is used in much the same way, though it is not restricted to the waterways. The great fortress does not generally attempt to disgorge large numbers of trooops immediately prior to a battle, for Uhlrik is not yet satisfied with the rate at which troops can be moved to the surface from staging areas in the castle; instead, it deposits ground forces a distance away and then escorts them to the actual place of battle as a mobile firebase.


Additionally, they fervently desire to greatly expand the amount of aerial forces at their disposal, both for intelligence-gathering purposes and combat operations in support of ground troops. With an aerie like their great flying castle, it is far too perfect an opportunity to overlook.



The membership of the Dragon Brethren can be broken down into two very broad categories: its core membership recruited from the Old World and a much more diverse host of newcomers consisting of former slaves freed from Dark Elf domination during and after the fall of Clar Karond.


Core Members

The core human membership of the Dragon Brethren, meaning the main body of its experienced veterans that have accompanied their leaders from the Old World to Naggaroth and also, not coincidentally, the primary garrison troops aboard Schloß Drache, is drawn mostly from the northern Old World. The majority are from the Empire (especially its northern portions), with sizable contingents of Bretonnians, Kislevites and Wastelanders. There are also some Norsemen and Albionish troops among them. These Old Worlders were the group from which the Black Dragons originally drew their forces, and so most of their leadership and crack troops share this background as well. The usual assumption for the standard veteran Dragon Brother is that he hails from Nordland, Middenland, Middenheim, the Reikland or Talabecland.



In terms of religion, this segment of Dragon Brethren is fairly diverse but most at least pay lipservice to Ulric. Manann, Myrmidia and Taal are also represented. Sigmar is a much less popular patron (there are no Sigmarite priests among them, for example). Gods of very specific fields such as Shallya and Morr tend to be invoked on an as-needed basis. At any rate, the Dragon Brethren are in the beginning stages of developing their own national social and religious character, and it would not be surprising if their religious practices are quite different from most Old Worlders within a fairly short span of time. For example, certain members have taken a fancy to one or more members of the Asur pantheon, particularly Asuryan in imitation of Uhlrik's conversion.



Reikspiel is the common tongue among these Old Worlder troops, and all member of this contingent have at least a basic command of that language in addition to a keen familiarity with the patois known as the Battle Tongue. Many speak other languages as well, and over the past couple of years many have picked up at least a smattering of Tar-Elthàrin or in some cases even Druhir to communicate with their new allies and enemies. Some (often bastardized) Elthàrin terms and phrases have already begun to penetrate the everyday discourse of these people.



As for nonhumans, there is also a sizable number of Dwarves among the Dragon Brethren, with most of that number hailing from the Empire, though they have attracted a few from the Worlds Edge Mountains as well after their leaders helped stop the Dwarf Civil War. A number of Ogres make up a bodyguard cadre and body of shock troops as well. The Black Dragons did not manage to draw Wood Elves to join them, however.



Since the Black Dragons first set foot in Naggaroth, they have undergone a drastic change, and not just by acquiring a new name and expanded purpose. Beyond acquiring some Asur that have elected to join them (mostly from Eataine, Nagarythe and Chrace) to take the fight to the Druchii, the Black Dragons found a massive influx of new recruits in the slave pits of the Dark Elves. The fall of Clar Karond freed many thousands of slaves, many of whom are very eager to punish their erstwhile captors, and has provided not only troops but a great many noncombatants willing to lend their own kinds of support. This former slave group's composition makes the previous membership of the Black Dragons look homogeneous. Representatives of dozens of human nations including the native red-skinned humans of the New World, the Hung, Kurgan and the Norse and many more make up a large proportion of these slaves, but humanity is not alone in providing slaves to the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves' slaving fleets rove the world over, and have brought back captives from nearly its entirety. Bitter, sullen High Elves were forced to labor alongside greenskins, Halflings, mutants, Dwarves and even Beastmen. Seeing this variety was a major inspiration behind the ideological shift in the Black Dragons that led to their becoming the Dragon Brethren.


What has become of this diverse group in the absence of Schloß Drache remains to be seen, but the former slaves of this and other places considerably outnumber the Old Worlders that initially formed the 'Dragons, and so they are sure to heavily influence the development of their joint history. Old animosities and tendencies would seem to indicate that certain elements (such as greenskins, for an obvious example) are not likely to last, but there are signs of hope for mankind's capacity to overlook petty barriers of blood.


The Albionish

Also noteworthy among newcomers to the Dragon Brethren is a small (100 member) but staunch and proud band of Albionish clansmen that have joined the retinue of Chancellor Ludwig MacRae in preparation for a potentially much larger body to follow.



Newcomers are less likely to be fluent in Reikspiel, but instead speak the multitudinous languages of their homelands. Many have at least a little understanding of Druhir, and several dialects of pidgins have developed among them to allow for cross-cultural communication among themselves and with their erstwhile masters.


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