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The DragonWolves

Who Are They?

The Dragon Wolves are a small, elite group of the Dragon Brethren that have gone under cover on an extended quest in the extreme north of Naggaroth, posing as a Chaos warband. They claim no particular Chaos god as their master: as Uhlrik puts it, "We do not divide our loyalties." Characters are listed here according to the alias they use as members of this faux warband, with their actual names following. Each member of the warband keeps a concealed Static Amulet, a magical object designed by Cedric, that provides considerable protection against the warping effects of Chaos.


Several of the members of the Dragon Wolves appeared as supporting cast members in prior storylines and a few were first introduced for this one, which is being GMed by Matt Small instead of Hal Case, who runs the 'main' storylines of the Legacy of the Gods Campaign. One of the important metagame reasons for the existence of this side campaign is that it takes Uhlrik out of the picture for a long while, bringing the spotlight in the main game more thoroughly on Ludwig, allowing him to take the lead in the activities of the Dragon Brethren without being overshadowed by the Great Dragon. Also, it allows Matt to run a connected campaign of his own and Hal to actually play his favorite character.


This story segment takes place during the Dragon Wolves' journey.

Gorlord Whiteflame BlackRage

AKA Uhlrik Gunderit der Größerdrache

The Dark Tongue name his alias is here translated from is Hyshaqar Dharkhar. The title "gorlord" is derived from the Dark Tongue word gorneth.

See his own page for his stats.



AKA Rusikis Gunderit


Type Female, Skaven, Clan Eshin Assassin Alignment Neutral
Description 15-year old, 5’3”, grey-furred, black eyed rat woman. Role Assassin/Scout, Magickal backup and the Gorlord’s playtoy.

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep, where she was introduced as a minor villain. She gradually became more important as one of Gaynor's premier minions until well after his ascension to Daemonhood, and appeared numerous times in that role.


Rusikis is short and wiry, built around a compact and stocky skeleton on which very little fat can be found. She is a sleek, gray-furred rat woman with beady black eyes, a naked rat-tail, sharp buckteeth and a twitching pink nose. The Skaven’s furless hands and feet are tipped with long, wicked talons as hard as iron. Power literally courses through her bloodstream, and it occasionally crackles and sparks from her fur, a talon or her eyes like tiny lightning arcs. She has lately been training herself to stand erect and straight with her shoulders back rather than in a skulking hunch as is typical of her species, but she does lapse.


The Skaven speaks in a rapid staccato and has a fairly harsh voice. She shares the distinctive mannerisms that most of her race exhibits when speaking languages other than Queekish, interspersing words with chitters and squeaks, and often doubling a syllable or two in difficult words.  Though she has learned to understand several languages well, she has limited facility for actually speaking them since it is hard for her to frame many of the appropriate sounds – Skaven vocal apparatus is quite different from that of Humanity. She is starting to learn the nuances of speaking in something other than the third person, but it is totally alien to her native tongue and as such is tricky for her to get her rat-head around.


As for attire, Rusikis favors grays and earth tones, and loathes going out in daylight without a hood to shade her eyes. She favors robes worn over loose-fitting clothing that allows her freedom to move, essentially and appropriately resembling a cross between a ninja and a hooded witch. She loves trinkets, jewelry and bangles, but favors those that can be easily silenced or removed. Most, like her robes, are decorated with mystic sigils, especially downward-pointing arrows or swords representing Ghyr, the Gray College of Magic to which she has subscribed since she abandoned her studies in the Dark College. Notably, she usually wears a pair of plated arm-bracers. The wicked, hiltless paired shortswords Murder and Mayhem usually reside on her hips. These weapons are Weeping Blades, the signature of the notorious Clan Eshin assassins, and as such whenever they are unsheathed they constantly drip horrific corrosive venom. In addition to this, she keeps numerous small throwing blades and stars concealed on her person.


Of course, as Uhlrik’s third wife, she has also had to learn to wear the dresses and finery of a lady as well and is certainly willing to do so though she has never learned to be completely comfortable with it.


Notes: She was formerly a Gaynor-aligned chaos sorceress, but lost most of her magickal prowess in Gaynor’s punishments, only keeping her mutant, inherent potential for magick (lost most spells and MP’s, was level 4). Now she is of the Grey College, and lost many former skills in Gaynor’s mental tortures... she has had to learn to draw her power through a different source, and has mostly abandoned magic in favor of returning to her assassin training.


Also, Rusikis is unusual for a skaven female, being as intelligent and aggressive as are the males of her race unlike the typically docile, barely-intelligent females that essentially exist for breeding purposes (generally producing 3-5 litters per year of around 20 young per litter). It has not been revealed whether she bore Uhlrik a single child or a litter - she was ensorcelled and drugged to the point that she has no idea herself, and she never saw them. Typically, Skaven have a lifespan of around twenty years though it is uncertain how long Rusikis will live - as a grey Skaven and a sorceress, it is very possible that she will remain young far longer than most of her nonmagical brethren.


M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 57 47 4 4 10 80 2+1 44 46 66 40 52 36


HtH Weapons Statistics
Claws D+1
Weeping Blades “Murder” & “Mayhem” +d4 Damage corrosion, living things roll T test or die.
Garotte -10 Ws, -1 D
Spear +10 I/+20 winning, +10 Ws


Missile Weapons Statistics
Bag of Shuriken Range 4/8/20, ES C, load 1 (20 shurikens)


Location Armor Value
all none 0


Special Skills Street Fighting, Dodge Blow, SW- Throwing, -Sling, -Fist Weapons, SMB, STI, Disarm, SM-rural, -Urban, Concealment – Urban, -Rural, Scale Sheer Surface, Acrobatics, Shadowing, Prepare Poisons, Magick Sense, Magick Awareness, Cast Spells – Petty, -Battle 1, -Chaos 1, -Chaos 2, Scroll lore, Daemon Lore, Identify Magickal Artifact, others.
Languages Queekish*, Dark Tongue, Reikspiel, Slavic, Dhar-Elthárin, Tar-Elthárin, Arcane - Magick, Arcane-Daemonic.
Magic Items Static Amulet, Wand of Onyx (7 mp’s each day), Energy Jewel – Carved Ruby (10 MP’s per day), Scrolls (Walk on Water, Zone of Sanctuary, Tunnel Through Stone, Wall Shaker, Hammerhand), Potions (Disguise x 2, 1 Healing – 2d6 w), Bands of Power (skaven bracers w/warpstone settings. 3xdaily double S for 1 round).
Equipment 10 yards knotted rope w/grapnel, Small Backpack, Cloak, clothes, belt w/ pouches, bedroll, blankets, waterskin, rations.


EP   Fate 0 Insanity Points 4
Power Level 27 MP 9 Spell Level 2


Psychology & other 30 Yard Nightvision. Mutations: Electric Blood (whenever blood is drawn, attacker takes a S3 hit), "Natural" spellcasting ability (Lvl2, Can only regain magick points by consuming refined warpstone, but can refine warpstone like a grey seer.), Razor Sharp Claws.


P Curse, Produce Small Creature, Sleep, Magic Flame
C1 Hand of Death, Fireball, Wind Blast, Breathe Underwater
C2 Mystic Mist, Zone of Steadfastness, Lightning Bolt, Part Water

B1Cure Light Injury|


AKA Thrudd


Type Male, Ogre, Mercenary Captain Alignment Neutral
Description 30 year old, black haired, red eyed ogre built like a house and cleanshaven. Role Enforcer (On those outside the warband that need a lesson) & chirurgeon.

Notes: Thrudd is a major in the Dragon Brethren, and commands Uhlrik's personal Ogre honor guard.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
6 54 41 7 6 20 51 3 33 55 31 41 47 21


HtH Weapons Statistics
Scourge -10 I, +1 D
Flail -10 I, +1 D
Assorted knives +10 I, -2 D, -20 Py
Mace HW


Missile Weapons Statistics
Big, evil whip R: 8 yards, ES 5 (own S –2)
Oversized crossbow ES 6 (15 bolts)


Location Armor Value
All Assorted chain & plate 1
Head Helm 1
Special Magic shield (buckler for him) 2


Special Skills Street Fighting, SMB, STI, Disarm, STS, Sw-Flail, Dodge Blow, Immunity to – Disease, -Poison, Pal Object, SM – Urban, Excellent Vision, Ambidextrous, Torture, Heal Wounds, others.
Languages Grumbarth*, Battle Tongue, Reikspiel, Norse, Dark Tongue.
Equipment Static Amulet, keg of ale, hood, big cloak, 2 gal. Waterskin, torches, 5 sets of irons, length of cable with big grapnel (looks like an anchor), brazier and burning fuel, thumbscrews, small bone-crushing implements, ice gear, rations, big gnashy hobnailed boots, backpack, bedroll, big tent, 250 Gold.


EP   Fate 1

Psychology & other3 insanity points. Don’t take no crap from no one but da boss!|


AKA Berrik Ironbrow

Type Male, Mutant, Dwarf, Scout Alignment Neutral
Description 54 years old, 5’3”, brown-furred, blue-eyed wolf-dwarf built like a barrel with big hands, vicious claws, strong jaws, long wolf tail. He talks little. Role Scout and smith, maintaining and repairing warband equipment. Plus walking ‘evidence’ they’re chaos minions.

Notes: Doesn’t talk much, is very self-conscious around people. Laconic scout type, and has some feral mannerisms. He is a former possessee and remembers the experience.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
4 62 40 5 5 10 41 2+2 28 63 40 64 52 14


HtH Weapons Statistics
Claws D+1
Bite HW
Hunting knife +10I, -2D, -20Py
Sword HW


Missile Weapons Statistics
Crossbow ES4. (20 war bolts, 20 hunting bolts)


Location Armor Value
Body Coat of plates 1
Back or special Shield (usually strapped on his back) 1
Head Helmet 1


Special Skills Dodge Blow, SMB, STI, STS, Orientation, SM – Rural, Concealment – Rural, River Lore, Fish, Game Hunter, Cartography, Scale Sheer Surface, Follow Trail, Smithing.
Languages Khazalid*, Reikspiel, Dark Tongue, Battle Tongue.
Equipment Fur Cloak & boots, 10 Y rope & grapnel, Sling bag w/ blankets, small cooking pot, water flask, money belt, rations, hammer, tongs and smithing tools.


EP   Fate 0

Psychology & other2 insanity points, Hatred – Goblinoids, Disorder: nightmares. 30Y nightvision, Mutations: Razor Sharp Claws, Wolf Head, Furry, Tail, Regeneration (1 w/rnd), so thoroughly riddled with mutation his attacks count as magical.|

The Cleaver

AKA Karl von Mecklenberg

The Cleaver

Type Male, Human, Free Lance Alignment Good
Description 21 years old, 5’11”, back haired, dark brown eyed, big, barrel-chested man with a square jaw. Immaculately groomed and has a fine bearing. Role Knight

Notes: A truly honorable man, a rare bright spot of integrity to come from the Empire’s nobility. Serious, sensible, has a keen head on his shoulders. Disenchanted with nobles’ wrangling, went looking for a quest, and is now on it.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 62 38 5(8) 5 10 57 3 45 52 44 63 33 45


HtH Weapons Statistics
‘Deathstrike’ Uhlrik’s magic lance. +20I, +10 Ws, +2 D, -20 PY (after first round, HW.) (Magic bonus: +3 S)
2-handed sword -10 I, +2 D
Sword HW
Dagger +10 I, -2 D, -20 Py


Missile Weapons Statistics
Crossbow (20 war bolts)


Location Armor Value
All Full Plate (Chaos Styled) 2
Special Shield 1


Special Skills Disarm, Dodge Blow, SMB, STI, Luck, SW – Fencing, -Lance, -2 Handed, Ride, Read/Write, Blather, Charm, Heraldry, Wit, others.
Languages Reikspiel*, Battle Tongue, Dark Tongue
Equipment Static Medallion, Saddlebags, bag of gold (30), hooded cloak, bedroll, winter clothes & gear, blanket, rations & feed for horse, water flask, pennant on lance. Fully Barded Warhorse (2AP all)


EP   Fate  

Psychology & other3 Insanity Points|


AKA Grigori Kusnitz


Type Male, Human, Outlaw Chief Alignment Neutral
Description 27 years old, 5’7” wiry man with copper-black hair, hazel eyes and evident Gospodar/Ungol blood, bronzed and leathery skin, and a ‘hanging scar’ on his neck. His voice is harsh and raspy, and he seldom shaves, leaving his hair and moustache long. Role Missile Support, outriding.

Notes: He seldom smiles, is professional and ruthless. Kind of a Clint Eastwood type. Has lately undergone a bit of a value shift after turning on some chaos minions his outlaw band had teamed up with for mutual advantage. Was scared straight by the experience and sold the lot out. Started a new life and left Kislev.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
4 52 78 4 6 10 56 2 65 52 39 63 47 47


HtH Weapons Statistics
Spear +10/+20 winning, +10 Ws
Sword HW
Dagger +10 I, -2 D, -20 Py


Missile Weapons Statistics
Horse Longbow* 24 War Arrows, 24 hunting.

*A Nipponese daikyu


Location Armor Value
Head Open-face helm 1
All Sleeved mail coat & coif 1
Body Breastplate 1
Special Shield 1


Special Skills Marksmanship, SW-Longbow, Dodge Blow, Concealment – rural, Silent Move – Rural, Spot Traps, Set Trap, Ride, Follow Trail.
Languages Slavic*, Reikspiel, Dark Tongue, Ranger, Battle.
Equipment Static Medallion, Barded Warhorse (1 Ap all) w/ saddlepacks, pack horse, clothes, hooded cloak, winter gear, waterskin, camping gear, cooking pot etc, 3 man tent, stout boots, bedroll, rations & horse fodder, belt pouch, 15 gold.


EP   Fate 1

Psychology & other2 Insanity Points|

Eric Earthshaker

AKA Eric Swensen

Eric Earthshaker

Type Male, Human, Mercenary Sergeant Alignment Neutral
Description 24 years old, 6’2”, 200 lbs, blonde haired, blue eyed fellow, large and beefy with long blonde hair to his mid back and a long moustache. Has an obvious Norscan accent. Role Knight, Standard Bearer.

Notes: Hard fighting, hard playing type who is cheerful and friendly. Regards a good brawl, a good mug of mead and a good wench as the natural order of things. However, he takes his duties very seriously. These include obeying orders perfectly and finding a way to laugh no matter what. Does everything to the hilt.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
4 58 45 6 5 11 50 2 29 43 36 56 42 37


HtH Weapons Statistics
Warhammer HW
Axe HW
Dagger +10I, -2 D, -20 Py


Missile Weapons Statistics
Crossbow 20 bolts


Location Armor Value
All Full plate (chaos styled) 2
Special Shield 1


Special Skills Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun, Street Fighter, Luck, Ride, Row, Swim.
Languages Norse*, Reikspiel, Slavic, Battle, Dark Tongue
Equipment Static Amulet, Bag of 30 Gold, Cloak, Saddlebags, Fully Barded Warhorse (2AP all), bedroll, feed for horse and personal rations, winter clothes, ice gear, grappling hook & 10 yards rope, Battle Banner of the Dragonwolves (in shield hand), Waterflask.


EP   Fate 0
Psychology & other 2 Insanity Points, Disorder: Heroic Idiocy (Immune to Fear & Terror, but still gains IP from Terror)


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