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Page history last edited by Hal! 10 months, 1 week ago

The Legacy of the Gods


(Die Sage vom Vermächtnis von den Göttern)


A Long, Convoluted, Epic, Melodramatic Mess of a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st edition) Campaign.


Last In-Game Date

Jahrdrung 17th, 2519 (2/17/2519 IC) - Night after Uhlrik's departure from Schloß Drache.

What Is It?

Well, rather, what was it? The Legacy of the Gods was a long-running WFRP campaign. It began in roughly 1991 and continued (with only occasional gaps and one longish one) until 2003. As of 2009 the campaign began again, briefly, but at this point the odds of it starting again are remote. This is a history and general wiki pertaining to the campaign. As ever for any wiki, this site is very much a work in progress.


Some of the protagonists and major supporting cast, depicted as cartoon characters because Hal is cruel.


Disclaimer the first: Naturally, everything on this site is strictly fictional. If you can't tell the difference between that and reality, then you need to change your meds.


Disclaimer the second: Given how very long this campaign has run (and the fact that it began when the players were in either middle school or high school), many of the portions of this campaign were filled with events and backstory at which the players, with our increased maturity and experience, now cheerfully cringe. They were great fun for a bunch of teenagers at the time, however, and we'd like to think that the campaign itself helped us come to the realizations that led to our games growing up a bit. The campaign itself has certainly profited from the protracted experience.


A Note On Who Played What: The Legacy of the Gods campaign began with two players (arguably, one player and a GM) operating in a sort of mixed troupe-style play (to borrow and slightly mangle a term from Ars Magica and White Wolf) where each of the players (yes, the GM too) had at least one character (Uhlrik for Hal, Derelek and then Thrudd too for Ryan) that was purely their own and the remainder were more or less shared. Just as Ryan departed for the nether-realms of Iowa, Mark and Drew became interested in joining the game and took over preexisting characters rather than creating new ones. Within a fairly short span, all of the "communal" characters had been acquired by single regular players, and only Uhlrik remained as something of a GMPC. This established a pattern that was followed for some time, though it has since been abandoned: if a player left the game due to moving away or similar, they would have the option of leaving their character available to be taken over by a new player. This practice was discontinued when Ricky Burnett (Cedric's third player) and Larissa Hushbeck (Richelle's second) left the game - all players that joined subsequently (Matt Small and Winston Lockridge) were required to bring in original characters from that time forth, and "orphaned" characters were gradually sidelined and either relegated to supporting NPC cast or eliminated. Also, having NPC companions to the PC party has long been a tradition in the playgroup that ran this campaign, as players became attached to various NPCs or as we had to accomodate solo adventures etc.


What's New?

  • I've been adding more tropes and minor details for months, but not updating this list. Doh. 1/6/2011 HC
  • Created the Kreeshana page and tweaked the History and Dragon Brethren pages. Plus some Tropes. Oh, and tweaked the sidebar. 2/5/2010 HC
  • Continued with a series of updates to Minor Parts and Recurring Characters. Deleted the Antagonists page since it was rolled into the prior two. 2/3/2010 HC
  • Added the Legacy Party Composition Spreadsheet and linked it to several different pages. 1/29/2010 HC.
  • In process of reorganizing the pages with character information, added Recurring Characters, HeroesoftheHammer and TVTropes pages among general shuffling. 1/2010 HC
  • A reorganization and further information added to the Minor Parts page. 4/16/2009 HCSome further dates clarified on the History page after a further review of available records was made. 8/8/2009 HC
  • Pertinent dates (like the last update) added to Cassandra, Cedric, Derelek, Erich and Richelle. 3/23/2009 HC
  • Updates to the History (particularly with regards to the Imperial Calendar) page, including adding the extrapolated dates of Uhlrik's second and third marriages. Some details were added to Minor Parts and the Dead. Details and pertinent dates added to the Uhlrik and Ludwig pages as well. The current in-game date was added to the campaign frontpage. 3/22/2009 HC
  • More details on the Dark Elves added to the Naggaroth page. 3/3/2009 HC
  • The motto and emblem of the Gold Dragons was added to the Dragon Brethren page. 2/28/2009 HC
  • A bit more detail on Naggaroth and on the various character pages. (2/17/2009)
  • Details on objectives and military doctrine have been added to Dragon Brethren. (7/20/2008)
  • Further details have been added to The New World.
  • The History page has a link to a new story segment!


What's Coming Next?

  • More tropes.
  • More details on the campaign's History.
  • More Dramatis Personae.
  • More information on locations.


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