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Richelle Antoinette Enric

Titles: Priestess of Shallya

Player: NPC. Created and played by Aaron Sterchak, then Larissa Hushbeck, then retired to NPC status.

First Appearance: Marienburg Period (IC 2012The Enemy Within campaign (Death on the Reik)

Status: Active as an NPC, but retired from adventuring (see below).

Birthdate: 10/10/2492 IC (Age 27)

Marital Status: Widowed. Was married to Cedric Enric on 9/10/2513 IC. Her husband has been deceased since 1/17/2517 IC though he has been continuously active as a Liche since that date; he no longer resides with Richelle.

Known Offspring:

  1. Dietrich Josef Enric (born 9/23/2515 IC to Cedric Enric)
  2. Genevieve Leonore Enric (born 8/18/2517 IC to Cedric Enric)


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Type Human, female, Cleric lvl 4 Alignment Good
Description   Role Healer, nurturer, defensive specialist

 Richelle is an attractive woman of average height and weight endowed with shoulder length brown hair that is usually mostly concealed by the hood and wimple that she wears. Her large doe eyes are green and sympathetic. High, clearly defined cheekbones frame an open face with a straight nose and full lips. Hers is a face, however, that has known much grief. She carries a distinctive aura of sorrow, compassion, hope and intense faith with her wherever she goes.


Her voice is soft and kindly, and she is quick to utter words of comfort. Richelle speaks with a noticeable Bretonnian accent, specifically that of Bordeleaux. A born peacemaker, Richelle is adept at soothing frayed nerves and cooling flared tempers. However, she is also capable of stern chastisement and guilt is a weapon that she can wield as effectively as any other priestess.


As a priestess of Shallya the goddess of healing, mercy and motherhood, Richelle’s wardrobe is simple and humble compared to her companions. She is seldom seen dressed in anything other than the distinctive white habit of her order, which includes a hood and wimple. When out of doors, she wears a smoky gray magical cloak with gilt edging. Richelle always wears prayer beads and a medallion bearing the symbol of her goddess, and usually carries a simple staff. Just about the only item of personal ostentation that she wears on a regular basis is a large ruby and diamond ring that her late husband gave to her. Though she does own more jewelry and a few fine dresses, she has not worn those since her husband’s demise and reanimation; the widowed priestess is still in mourning.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
5 41 44 4 5 11 69 1 64 62 64 69 80 75


HtH Weapons Statistics
Magic Staff D-1


Location Armor Value
All Robe of Toughness 1


Special Skills Excellent Vision, Blather, Etiquette, Read/Write, Lore (Scroll, Daemon, Herb), Identify (Plant, Undead), Magical Sense & Awareness, Surgery, Heal Wounds, Manufacture (Scrolls, Potions), Cast Spells, Specialist Weapon - 2 Handed, Dodge Blow, Disarm, Ride, Immunity to Disease, Theology, Meditate, Public Speaking, Astronomy, Cook
Languages Breton*, Reikspiel, Classical, Magick, Tar-Eltha'rin
Equipment Cloak of Mist & Smoke, Amulet of Watchfulness, Spell Jewel (Strength of Combat), Ring of Warding (Fireball), 2 Healing Potions, generally whatever else she needs


Level Spells
P Gift of Tongues, Magic Alarm, Magic Lock, Protection From Rain, Reinforce Door, Remove Curse, Sleep, Zone of Warmth
C1 Aura of Resistance, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Poison, Detect Magic, Immunity to Poison
C2 Aura of Protection, Cure Disease, Soothe Mind, Treat Illness, Zone of Sanctuary
C3 Arrow Invulnerability, Cure Insanity, Dispel Magic, Heal Injury, Transfer Aura
C4 Aura of Invulnerability, Cure Severe Wounds, Drain Magic, Strength of Mind, Zone of Magical Immunity


Power Level 60 Magic Level 4
EP 945 Fate 8
Psychology & other -





Joining the Heroes


Imperial Intrigues


The Hammer Quest


Two Crowns


The Defeat of Gaynor




The Rise of the Dragon Brethren


Current Status

Richelle has withdrawn from the adventuring life. She devotes herself to raising her children and tending the spiritual and physical hurts of her fellow beings, striving to help even those Druchii that she can. She does occasionally advise the councils of the Brethren, but is mostly divorced from their affairs.

Other Important Details




For tropes associated with the rest of the campaign, see the Tropes page.


Actual Pacifist - As a priestess of Shallya, this is pretty much a given. Richelle makes a point of never fighting phsically against any living thing, and relies heavily on magic of a protective, curative or incapacitating nature to defend herself and others. Note, however, that Daemons and the Undead are not alive - she will energetically and ferociously blast them from existence using the blessings of Shallya through a technique of unmaking/banishing them by brutally ripping away the magical energy that gives them physical form and then either negating or absorbing it.

Barrier Warrior - She takes hers heavy on the barrier, but passes on the warrior. Against opponents that have no magic she can qualify as a Stone Wall in combat, but magic weapons will not only penetrate her shields instantly but knock them down.

Brainy Brunette - She's a thoughtful, gentle and deliberate priestess in a party where the other females are either passionate redheads or a psychotic blonde.

The Chick - Sure, she's not the only female character but she's the token spiritual one who's skilled at bringing out the best in people. This includes using guilt and psychology for persuasion. She's also theoretically Cedric's Morality Chain.

The Good Shepherd - She's a genuinely charitable and kind person, and goes out of her way to comfort and uplift others, as well as tending to the needs of the ill and poor.

The Heart -Unquestionably the most moral character in the group, and also the voice of conscience. Her arrival was an important part of the campaign's drift into more heroic and less selfish pursuits. 

Her Heart Will Go On - She had to survive and persevere through a war in which her husband's death and self-reanimation as an undead horror took place, and to eventually come to terms with that fact.

Hot Mom - Apart from the fact that she's a beautiful, doe-eyed brunette there's also the rather obvious fetish fuel that comes from her being a nun (one whose order permits marriage and motherhood, at that).

Intimate Psychotherapy - Some time after Cedric's demise and the eventual separation from Richelle that solidified her widowhood (and Genevieve's subsequent birth, which ripped the wounds raw again), Cassandra convinced Richelle to go through a few sessions of this with Uhlrik. It wasn't really a case of Romancing the Widow since it was more a matter of giving a grieving friend some benefits, in order to provide some comfort. Richelle decided not to make this a long-term arrangement, and has since settled more comfortably into widowhood with her work and her children to keep her going.

The Medic - Richelle uses her glowy Healing Hands to make it all better, whether "it" is a sucking chest wound or psychological trauma.

Magikarp Power - At first, pretty much all that she could do was heal since those were the primary functions of her class and all she could afford to spend XP on, but at least she was never The Load. After she had time to bank up a chunk of XP, her power increased dramatically to the point where she was able to go toe to toe against Chaos Daemons and similar beasties on her own.

Mana Burn - Paired with Mana Drain to make her primary offensive powers against evil spellcasters as well as both Daemons and Undead, since this sort of magic is lethal to both.

The Other Derelek - Like many of the characters, she has changed hands. First, Aaron played her, and then it was Larissa. After Larissa left, she became an NPC and semi-retired from adventuring. One of the most significant long-term changes that went along with the transition was the romance that she got into with Cedric once Larissa took her over.

Power Perversion Potential - Richelle's one of the strongest healers in the Warhammer world. She may not be into BDSM, but that's hardly the only way to abuse that sort of power... especially if your partner is Cedric (or, as on a few occasions, Uhlrik).

Saintly Church - The Cult of Shallya tries quite hard to be exactly this, and Richelle does her best to not only maintain a flock (its actual members are noncombatants, but they won't turn anybody away that wants to worship) and tend to the poor, sickly and injured, but to look after her children without the help of a husband as well.

Standard Status Effects - Richelle makes heavy use of sleep spells and the aptly-named "Steal Mind" spell to disable violent people in her vicinity.

Staff Chick - She plays this trope totally straight, being a healer and a white magic-wielding love interest who carries a staff. As a pacifist, her staff isn't really a weapon but a token of office. She will use it to block attacks however, and she used to have one that could put opponents to sleep with a touch but Aglareth Brightcloak destroyed that particularly useful toy.

What Have I Done - Richelle once (accidentally and indirectly) actually killed a goblin by KOing his charging Dire Wolf mount with a sleep spell, which catapulted the rider off when it went down. Said goblin took a nasty tumble and broke his neck. She cried out in horror and did the obligatory staring at her hands while weeping routine, since she is a devoted Actual Pacifist. Fortunately for Richelle, the Shallyan vow never to kill only applies to humans so she didn't lose her place as a priestess. On the plus side, she still felt really bad about it and checked to see if there was a chance of saving the goblin (there wasn't).

What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway - Heavily subverted. While a dedicated healer doesn't sound all that useful except for keeping everybody healthy, against magical creatures, undead or spellcasters she is absolutely a terror and she's also quite capable of defending herself from most other attackers as well. She can and often does incapacitate mighty warriors quite handily without ever hurting them in the slightest.

Widow Woman - Well, yeah. With two kids, one of whom was conceived less than a month before her husband's untimely demise, no less.

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