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The Empire

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The Empire

The Empire is a vast and varied Old World realm, and this page shall not attempt to cover it in its entirety, merely some facets of this collection of states that have been pertinent to the Legacy campaign. See also the Lexicanum entry on the Empire. (Bear in mind, however, the differences that our campaign has with the Empire as presented in current Warhammer Canon) Another source for this page was Sigmar's Heirs and this gazeteer.



The Empire

The linked version of this map has notes containing details of important events that happened at certain points on the above map.


A more detailed map of the Empire.


Political borders of Imperial provinces.



Major Cities


Altdorf Map

Map of the Altdorf Area by Alfred Nunez, Andreas Blicher and David Graffam.



Middenheim Maps (b/w with legend and color)

Map of Middenheim's extended dominions, by Alftred Nunez, Andreas Blicher and David Graffam.



Nicely-done and meticulously researched map of Nuln by the fine folks at Kalevala Hammer.



The Empire is a confederation of mostly-independent states united by fealty to a common emperor, which authority is at present vested in the person of Emperor Heinrich X. His predecessor, Karl-Franz II, died in IC2513 under questionable circumstances during the lead-up to an Empire-wide civil war that ended with the election of Heinrich Todbringer, then Graf of Middenheim.


Canon Differences

Since this campaign was begun in the early nineties relying primarily on WFRP sources, the canon from which its background and structure was built is different from the current Warhammer canon in a number of different ways. As time has gone on and the setting has been changed, we have adopted certain Games Workshop retcons and rejected others as inconsistent with the events of our campaign. A few of these differences are below:


  • The Electors: The identities of certain electors are different in this setting, and the actual titles that they hold vary wildly as per older WFRP canon rather than being uniformly titled count. Also, in accordance with that there are no runefangs - the electors hold their title not because of ancient holy relics but by political guile, cunning and the fortunes of birth.
  • The Emperor: Karl Franz I was assassinated in IC 2513, and never saw nor wielded the actual hammer Ghal-Maraz. He was more of an eccentric chosen to be emperor because he would not impact the balance of power than a statesman in any case, as per earlier WFRP sources rather than contemporary canon. The current emperor, Heinrich I, briefly served as the elector Graf of Middenheim after the death of his elderly father Boris Todbringer until his election following the Battle of Wolfenburg.
  • The Colleges of Magic: In the Legacy of the Gods campaign, there is no such teaching institution as the Colleges of Magic as depicted in contemporary Warhammer sources. Color magic is practiced in the Warhammer world, but the colleges of magic are conceptual, schools of thought and practice rather than actual organizations. There are no universities in the Old World specifically dedicated to the teaching of magic, and the only actual wizards' guild extant in the Empire is that found in the city of Middenheim as per the text of the original City of Chaos.


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