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Uhlrik Gunderit der Größerdrache


"There  is a part of me that I both fear and hate with a fierce venom, even as I harness and control it to survive. That part of me takes a horrid satisfaction in hacking men to bits and leaving them for crows. It does not care whether they are elves or goblins, saintly or monstrous. It only cares that they bleed and die. This is what I must wield with a tight grip indeed if I am to make a better world."


Titles: Commander-in-Chief of the Dragon Brethren, Lord of Schloß Drache, and the Liberated North Country, Cursed Scion of Khorne, Beloved of Asuryan, Elf-Friend.

Past Titles: Emperor's Champion (served 2516 IC), Champion of the Graf of Middenheim (served 2512-2516 IC under Graf Boris, Graf Heinrich and Gravin Katarina), General of the Black Dragons.

Current Alias: Gorlord Whiteflame BlackRage (Hyshaqar Dharkhar), master of the Dragon Wolves.

Player: Sometime GMPC, sometime NPC, and occasional regular PC run by Hal Case.

First Appearance: Original group member.

Status: Active.

Birthdate: Hexensnacht, 2489 IC. (Age 30)

Marital Status: In a polygynous marriage, with three wives.

  1. Cassandra Laurean (Married 8/30/2512 IC), with whom he has three living children.
  2. Astarielle Glitterblade (Married 2/13/2518 IC), no living issue. He and Astarielle had an affair, with Cassandra's express prior approval and full knowledge, in early 2517 IC.)
  3. Rusikis (Married 8/27/2518 IC), who has borne him one child (status unknown). Rusikis had nonconsensual sexual relations with Uhlrik, successfully breeding with him on behalf of her former master while Uhlrik was in a magically induced trance state in early Sigmarzeit, 2518 IC. He subsequently sheltered and married her at Cassandra's insistence.

Known Offspring:

  1. Tanis Oswald Gunderit (born 8/11/2514 to Cassandra Laurean. Twin to Rahann Magritte)
  2. Rahann Magritte Gunderit (born 8/11/2514 to Cassandra Laurean. Twin to Tanis Oswald)
  3. Katarina Gunderit (born 5/16/2517 to Cassandra Laurean)
  4. Teclis Gunderit (born 3/18/2518 to Astarielle Glitterblade, but expired almost immediately.)
  5. At least one male child, name unknown (born 6/15/2518 to Rusikis. Stolen away immediately after birth by Daffydd MacRae and taken to an unknown fate. There may or may not have been an entire litter, but at least one son was mentioned)

Other Family:

Uhlrik & rusikis colored

More pictures

The stats below are of him in his role as the Gorlord Whiteflame. He does not have several of his better-known magical items with him (such as his famous cloak and his distinctive shield), and he even keeps Frost-Drake hidden among the baggage, only to be used in absolute emergency. Also, most of his very numerous skills are not listed here. He's a virtual demigod even without that stuff anyhow...

Type Male, Chaos Beastman, Mercenary General Alignment Good
27 years old, 6’3”, Dk. Blonde Mane, grey-brown fur, icy blue eyes, goat legs/head, curved horns, immensely muscled and limber. Role ‘Champion’, leader, inspiration.


  Uhlrik is well over six feet tall and gifted with a highly muscled yet limber physique built for both speed and tremendous power. His body is covered with short, pale gray-brown fur though his long mane as well as his beard, sidelocks and fetlocks are dark blonde. Uhlrik’s head is that of some sort of animal; it is not exactly like any one species but most closely resembles a blend of goat and horse. Notable differences include expressive, intelligent icy blue eyes arranged to allow for binocular vision. Long, curved horns rise up from his skull, and his long ears are highly mobile. Uhlrik’s digitigrade legs terminate in broad cloven hooves. The overall impression that Uhlrik exudes is one of menace and raw power held in check only by strict control and iron discipline.


Uhlrik is not a being inclined towards effusive speech, but he is capable of being quite eloquent when the occasion calls for it. His voice is a rich bass well suited for being elevated over a crowd. Uhlrik tends to favor monosyllabic answers to most queries, and guttural sounds and snorting though his nostrils communicate his annoyance better than a lengthy diatribe would be likely to do.


Uhlrik’s attire varies widely, as befits a military man of wealth and power. His signature look is of course the full armor that he wears into battle. This suit of full plate is designed around a draconic theme, and incorporates real dragon-bone plated with metal in several places. His famous helm was crafted from a young dragon’s skull. Ribs from the same dragon encircle his breastplate and its skeletal talons adorn his pauldrons (shoulder plates). Over it all he wears a vast black hooded cloak crafted from dragonhide. His primary weapon is the aptly named and highly feared Frost Drake, a massive double-bladed battle-axe decorated with (what else) a draconic theme.


However, one does not spend one’s daily life clad in the full panoply of battle. For daily wear, Uhlrik prefers relatively simple and somber yet finely made military uniforms in black and gray, either with or without boots. He does keep the huge cloak in most circumstances. Of course, he does possess his share of finery for formal or festive occasions, but he greatly prefers his uniforms to such things. His formal dress uniform consists of an embroidered black doublet over a loose-sleeved charcoal gray shirt worn with flared black leather gauntlets. His black breeches extend to his ankles, leaving his fetlocked lower legs bare. When clad thus, he has inlaid shoes attached to his hooves. Over the doublet is worn a short robe-like white tunic with silver and blue trim. The rest of the uniform has silvery trim.


M Ws Bs S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl Wp Fel
7 89 (99) 60 10 10 20 81(96)(86) 4+1 55 93 62 73(83) 57(67) 51(61)


HtH Weapons Statistics
‘Frost Drake’ 2-handed axe (-0 I), (+10 WS), +2(+3) Damage, 2D6 Damage, (1 free parry), Warp Attack, x2 Damage vs. Daemons, Freeze (if fail T test, die, if pass, +D3 Wounds), Frost Storm (S6, D8 damage, 3 yard radius, target can’t move before the enxt round, 48 yard range)
Axe HW
Lantern Shield -10 Ws, +1 D, +10 parry, counts as shield and as Parrying Weapon.
Dagger +10 I, 2 D, -20 PY


Missile Weapons Statistics
Longbow Magic: +10 BS. Range 32/64/300, ES 3, Load 1.24 war arrows, 24 hunting arrows, 6 arrows of weakness (WP test or –1 S&T)
Throwing Knives (6) ES10, range 4/8/20


Location Armor Value
All Natural Hide (his own skin) 2
All Full Plate 2
special Shield 1
special Amulet of Thrice-Blessed Copper (1)


Special Skills Magick Strike, Aura of Dread, Whirling Death, Transfix, Warchant, Distract, StI, StS, SMB, Dodge Blow, Marksmanship, Street Fighter, Wrestling, Most specialist weapons, stealth, Blade Mastery (2-handed axe: +10 I, WS +10, +1 D, 1 free parry), numerous others.
Languages Dark Tongue*, Reikspiel, Breton, Slavic, Tar-Elthárin, Dhar-Elthárin, SL-Battle Tongue.
Equipment Static Amulet, Ring of Elvenkind, Fortitude Ring, Amulet of Thrice-Blessed Copper


EP   Fate 2
Other 1 insanity point, Nightvision 10 yards (30 after ring)





The Heroes Gather


The Black Dragons


Siege at Bachendorf Keep


Imperial Intrigues


The Hammer Quest


Two Crowns


The Defeat of Gaynor




The Rise of the Dragon Brethren


Current Status


Other Important Details



Legal Status

In virtually all of the world's civilized nations, simply being a Beastman is a capital crime. Yet, Uhlrik has managed not only to survive among Men, Elves and Dwarves, but to thrive. For years he lived on the fringes of Imperial and Kislevite society, always shrouded heavily in cloth and steel and as much as possible having trusted companions act as his proxy in situations that would be likely to expose him. He successfully led the Black Dragons in battle and actively rooted corrupt elements out of society, and was mostly left to his devices.


However, in Middenheim he was caught up in the games of the powerful and had to make a choice. Graf Boris of Middenheim, a man that Uhlrik had come to regard highly and an Imperial Elector, had Uhlrik and his companions brought before him. The Heroes had uncovered very sensitive state secrets and had expunged a major threat not only to the city but saved the life of the Graf himself... the Graf needed to ensure that these freebooters would not divulge his secrets. As such, Graf Boris offered them the opportunity to be sworn in to the order of the Knights Panther... among the clauses of that oath are loyalty to the Graf and that the knight will never allow a mutant to live. The Heroes became very uncomfortable and in turn each found a valid-seeming reason to refuse the oath (such as Richelle's pacifism as a Cleric of Shallya, Cassandra's preexisting Silver Helm oath and so on). Uhlrik, the last to speak, stepped forth and spoke in a straightforward manner. He indicated that he was entirely willing to swear every clause of the oath save one, for that one would be impossible for him. He then removed his distinctive and concealing helm, exposing himself as a Beastman to an Imperial Elector and his top military advisors, and then he offered his axe. When the Graf recovered from his shock, he decided that Uhlrik's nature and activities gave the Graf sufficient leverage to keep Uhlrik leashed (or just have him killed) if necessary, and decided that Uhlrik's integrity and might would be of more use to him than a Beastman's corpse could ever be. He conditionally granted Uhlrik the right to live in Middenheim... the condition being that he continue to serve the Graf's interests and keep his nature a secret from the people of the Empire (and thus not embarrass the Graf for sponsoring him). Uhlrik cheerfully agreed to this arrangement, and found considerable profit for himself and the Black Dragons in the Graf's employ.


He lived in a large private dwelling in Middenheim as the commander of a sizable mercenary contingent with a contract to garrison the city's defenses and fight in its defense. He kept his bargain, and his nature was an "open secret" among the city's elite.


Subsequent events made Uhlrik and his companions heroes on a much wider scale: the ones responsible for delivering Ghal-Maraz to Heinrich, paving the way for his ascension to the Emperor's throne and an end to the Imperial civil war. Even as Heinrich repudiated his predecessor's blanket declaration that there are no such things as mutants and that being one is no crime, he formally pardoned Uhlrik for that crime. Now, while Uhlrik could and did walk openly, his corrupted nature combined with his fame made him a very attractive target for glory-seekers and malcontents. He found himself challenged to numerous duels and was occasionally plagued by would-be assassins in the employ of witch-hunters or dissidents.


Part of the deal that won the Black Dragons their contract to fight for the Phoenix King of Ulthuan (and restored the ancient Phoenix Crown to the Asur after being lost for over a millennium) was a clause that Uhlrik and his family would be free from persecution on grounds of their mutation. Hence, he enjoys a theoretically equivalent status in Ulthuan to what he holds in the Empire.


Naturally, as the commander-in-chief of the Dragon Brethren, he is free to do and be what he pleases within their sphere of influence.






See the Tropes page for the tropes associated with the campaign.


An Axe to Grind - and is it ever! Uhlrik's signature weapon, Frost Drake, is definitely a BFA. Also, it has several potent magical abilities. First, it can enshroud itself in ice-flames that can ignite a target and freeze all of the liquid in their body, killing them instantly (assuming of course that the axe-blow didn't kill them first). Also, it can warp through armor, negating its protection without having to bother cutting the metal apart.

Anti AntiChrist - Um. Yeah. See The Unchosen One, below.

Badass - he might not be the most powerful character in the campaign (Cedric, SoulSlayer and Lungscraper are demonstrably more potent, for example), but he's certainly the one that most thoroughly embodies this trope. Defeat a Keeper of Secrets mano a mano? Check. Take on hordes of Tzeentchian Horrors unarmed and prevail? Check. Rip out an evil sorcerer's tongue with his bare hand to stop his spells? Check. Yeah, it doesn't pay to mess with the big guy.

Badass Angster - He occasionally descended into Wangst in the early to mid portion of the campaign but he's gone through a lot of character development since then. At least he has some very real reasons to angst... but nowadays he's pretty much gotten over his abusive youth and the fact that fantastic racism forced him to operate secretively, so he's much less of an angster. What issues he has now are more about Screw Destiny and remorse over his own moral failings.

Barehanded Blade Block - He's Made of Iron, so he has been known to do this. Also, at least once he simply allowed a duelist to hit him in the middle of his unarmored chest with a rapier, which bent rather than penetrating. He scowled at the man, who took the hint and retreated.

Beast Man - Um. Yeah.

The Big Guy - Uhlrik has spent most of the campaign's existence as the party's biggest member. Only Thrudd and Lester have ever outweighed him, and neither had a higher Strength. He's spent a his career somewhere between Type 1 and Type 3 Big Guy.

Byronic Hero - Uhlrik started out as one of these, but character development took him in other directions. Whether this was an improvement or not is left to the discretion of the reader.

Cain and Abel -A slight subversion here in that the older brother, Uhlrik, is the heroic one while Carpathian (and later Rahann) were the villainous younger siblings.

Colonel Kilgore - Uhlrik will readily admit that, as much as he abhors this fact about himself, he is one of these. Killing people by the hundreds is literally what he was born to do, what he is really good at, and it's also something that, on some level, he enjoys even though that very enjoyment horrifies him. However hard he tries to be a decent and moral person, he also understands that he inherently is and always will be a sadistic killer. He's not a psychopath, however, because he does experience guilt and remorse of conscience.

The Combat Pragmatist - Uhlrik firmly believes that a fight to the death is not a sport to be engaged in by arbitrary rules, but is in fact an attempt to kill his opponent without dying himself, and that anybody who thinks differently obviously isn't paying attention. Accordingly, he can and will use any tactic necessary to win. For example: when Torandil Dorhil tried to use his superior speed to shoot Uhlrik at point blank range and then withdraw to suitable rapier-range, Uhlrik simply grabbed the fragile elf to keep him close and headbutted him to death.

Common Marty Stu Traits - He tends to score pretty high on those litmus tests... a few examples follow:

  • He did in fact begin as a Wish Fulfillment character, though character development has gone in other directions.
  • He initially had way too easy of a time winning over the few people he let in on his secret. By the time he got to Graf Boris, it wasn't so easy...
  • He is/was/has been a GMPC, and is an awesome warrior... so at times he has obviously strayed into the territory of the God Mode Sue. At least he's not a jerk about it.
  • The whole The Unchosen One, Defector From Decadence and Special Snowflake Syndrome things, below, with a heaping helping of Anti Anti Christ. 

Hal's personal and somewhat biased opinion is that Uhlrik didn't start at the very beginning as a Marty Stu but became one fairly quickly as specialness piled on top of specialness, but then after a while he developed back out of it again.

Converting For Love - Uhlrik began as a Nay Theist in that he acknowledged the existence of the gods of the warhammer world, but refused to directly worship any of them since he figured that they not only had little to offer him, but that any god that would be interested in a Chaos tainted creature like him would be one that he wasn't interested in serving. He married Cassandra, who was a practicing (perhaps not especially devout, but practicing all the same) worshipper of the Asur pantheon in general and Asuryan in particular. The events of Empire in Flames softened his outlook on gods in general, as both Sigmar and Ulric did indeed show an explicit interest in his activities, and actively sanctioned the quest in which he had been engaged. While he didn't join either cult (for reasons that are probably obvious), he did show greater respect for them and their followers, especially those of Ulric. He eventually did convert to the worship of his wife's god (and got adopted as a champion, as Asuryan extended him protection from Khorne), though it didn't happen until IC 2513. Now he's on a Mission From God.

Cultured Warrior - He has become one of these over time, having come to appreciate the finer things.

Defector From Decadence - In his youth, after Boris killed Uhlrik's adoptive father Rolf, Uhlrik was raised as a slave-warrior/protege to the Champion of Khorne. He didn't care for the experience, decapitated the psychopath, and set off on his own to clandestinely explore human society and mores.

Disappeared Dad - Uhlrik is presently on a dangerous and important long-term mission into the north, completely cut off from his elf wives and his children. So he's one of these for now and will be for quite some time to come.

Dressing As the Enemy - Uhlrik is currently operating under the alias of Hyshaqar Dharkhar, leader of the Dragonwolves, a supposed Chaos Warband made up entirely of members of the Dragon Brethren dressed up to look like Chaos followers. They are doing this as agents provocateur, to help stir up the Hung tribes as well as the Beastman warbands north of Naggaroth to unite for an invasion of Dark Elf lands. Part of his reasoning is that the Dark Elves are more scared of the Chaos hosts than they are of either the High Elves or the Dragon Brethren. The purpose of this is to force the Dark Elves to fight a war on multiple fronts against Chaos, the High Elves and of course the Dragon Brethren all at the same time. Part of the reason that he hopes to avoid a melee a trois situation is the simple expedient that his own forces are taking on the Dark Elves from the south of their empire, and the Chaos forces are all coming from the extreme north. He does hope to eventually make this into an enemy mine situation and actually recruit sizable portions of the Chaos hordes into his own faction once he has won their respect for cunning and might, but that is a longer range goal. He's also aware of some very serious risks to this plan, and describes it as "trying to ride a whirlwind." however, he's got a Xanatos gambit in place - see his entry under that trope.

Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? - Uhlrik has beaten a Keeper of Secrets in hand to hand combat. Also, statistically speaking he could beat any stock Greater Daemon. See here for an examination of the numbers involved...

Dumb Muscle - subverted. He was uncouth, rough and unsophisticated to start with, but he was no fool even from the beginning. Once he got some education he started heading towards Genius Bruiser territory.

Fight Magnet - Justified. He's a Chaos Beastman, a memetic badass (see below) and also has been marked out as one of Khorne's special (un)favorites. This has also made him a very appealing target to young (or just egotistical) warriors that want to show how awesome they are, so they gather from all around to show him what's what. An offhand backhand, barehanded blade block or similar is the usual result.

Foe Tossing Charge - Most famously, when his father cut Cassandra down. He dropped three very tough opponents in one round to get to to toe with the perpetrator and get to grips with him. Having only three attacks at the time to make that happen. It was awesome.

Go Nagai Sideburns - his aren't the detached-below-the-ear things, but they're serious sideburns for a Hot Blooded hero.

Infinity Minus One Sword - Frost Drake, Uhlrik's primary weapon.

Lightning Bruiser - He definitely fits this trope to a T. He developed pretty quickly into one, having started out pretty much the group's Mario since he was always a pretty well balanced fighter, and just kept getting stronger, and tougher, and faster.

Made Of Iron - He's got a 10 Toughness (the same as a wall made out of literal iron) and one of his mutations grants him 2 armor points to all locations naturally (the equivalent of full plate armor), and he started out with a Wounds score that was in the double digits before play even began. Accordingly, he's so far into this trope that he edges over towards Nigh Invulnerable instead.

Make Up Or Break Up - A YoYo Plot Point with he and Cassandra that seems to have finally been put to bed.

Memetic Badass - he's one of these in-universe, due to a combination of his prior secretiveness, the impressive number of very powerful foes that he is known to have defeated, the way that tales tend to grow in the telling and because he's, well, a beastman that's managed to kick so much butt that the authorities have decided they'd rather not try to off him. He did get his surname "The Dragon" because he killed one, a cloak made out of its hide and had a helmet made out of its skull, after all! 

Murder The Hypotenuse - Torandil Dorhil tried this on Uhlrik, but Uhlrik splatted him.

My Species Doth Protest Too Much - Totally. Good-aligned Beastman?

One Man Army - He once took on two dozen Chaos Marauders in a straight fight all by himself and won, so yeah.

OT3 - Due to a rampant shipper on deck, Uhlrik ended up in one of these to deal with a train wreck of a love life. Until that same shipper decided that he needed to expand his horizons a little more...

Paper Thin Disguise - Uhlrik managed to make one of these (mostly) work for several years in the Empire, consisting of wearing a long black cloak (eventually dragon-scaled) and hood, along with a full face-concealing mask and later, a leering dragon-skull helmet. How did he pull it off? A combination of avoiding being in public unnecessarily, working through proxies, always keeping covered up, trying to keep his business on the up and up as much as he could manage it and especially relying on massive doses of refuge in audacity. Seriously, what huge, burly beastman would be stupid enough to walk around in broad daylight in skeleton-themed plate armor and his horns (passing them off as part of his helm and punching through his hood? for real), relying on that huge cloak and skull mask to distract me from the fact that the bastard still has cloven hooves? Yeah, there's no way that's what I'm watching. fight in a tournament for the position of Graf's Champion.

Reluctant Ruler - Uhlrik wasn't particularly shy about leading the Black Dragons and becoming a high ranking military/mercenary leader. However, when the time came for them to transition from mercenary activities into a nation, he balked at being the head of said nation and wanted to simply remain its military chief. The War Council nominated him anyway and Ludwig persuaded him to accept.

Screw Destiny - He's very, very into this idea, being an Anti anti Christ.

Self Made Orphan - in a rare non-villainous example of this trope, Uhlrik cut his Complete Monster father in half with a double-handed sword. That's one way to Call the Old Man Out!

Special Snowflake Syndrome - Sigh. In Uhlrik's defense, he was created before we really understood the setting or just how deep into Always Chaotic Evil territory the beastmen are according to canon. It boiled down to, "Wow. Those things are cooler than the other races, so I wanna play one!"

Taking the Kids - curiously inverted. When Cassandra ran out on Uhlrik (for 3 months in 2515 and later for over a year, from Jahrdung 2516 to Sommerzeit 2517), she made a point of leaving the twins with him both times.

The Unchosen One - Khorne engineered his birth to set up a massively powerful beastman warlord to plunge the world into bloodshed. Uhlrik decided he didn't like that idea and he'd rather kibosh it then make the world a better place... by plunging the world into bloodshed.

Unstoppable Rage - He's subject to this on occasion. Uhlike most later iterations of the character, he's not prone to this on a frequent basis, but he certainly does brood about the times that he does.

Warrior Poet - His present characterization.

The White Goatboy - Uhlrik really didn't fit in with the other Gunderits that came on camera, since they were all Khorne worshippers.

Xanatos Gambit - Uhlrik has one of these being set in motion right now, where he has left Ludwig in charge of the main body of the Dragon Brethren and himself going northbound dressing as a Gorlord to stir up the forces of Chaos. He anticipates that raising up a strong force of Hung marauders and Beastmen should be doable, since they invade Naggaroth every so often on their own anyways, to the point that they are the Witch King's number one security concern. If the Chaos hosts prove too strong for the Dark Elves on their own, he intends to have the Dragon Brethren offer the Druchii an alliance in exchange for an assortment of territorial and other concessions to pull them back from the brink, and if the Chaos Hosts' forces seem too weak to make sufficient headway on their own he'll extend them a similar offer. His preferred endgame would be for the Chaos Hosts and Dragon Brethren to descend on the Dark Elf capitol of Naggarond at close to the same time - with the Chaos hosts getting there slightly ahead and wearying themselves breaking down the fortress city's defenses, setting up the DBs to offer them artillery support in the city's fall and setting them up to get bombarded to oblivion themselves if they decide they don't want to play nice with the DBs or just letting the Chaos forces reduce the city and then mopping up what's left. So he's trying to set up the situation to lead to one of three outcomes: Dark elves destroyed and his own forces absorbing many Northmen and Beastmen (and leaving any unallied Chaos forces weak enough to wipe out with ease), the Chaos horde destroyed and the DBs absorbing the Dark Elves instead, or the DBs standing alone in the rubble of all of the above as the Chaos horde destroys the Dark Elves and then gets wiped out itself.

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