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The Heroes of the Hammer


The Heroes of the Hammer (reik. Helden des Hammers) is the name by which the main characters of the Legacy of the Gods campaign are popularly known in the Empire. They are sometimes referred to as the Black Dragons as well since they were among the leadership of this mercenary company, though those friendly to the House of Todbringer tend to use the former appellation to distinguish them. These are the player characters that took part in the Hammer Quest which brought an end to the Imperial Civil War of 2513 IC. Whatever term is used for them, they are a highly controversial and unusual band everywhere they go. They are both sung in lays and reviled in tracts across the length and breadth of the Old World, for although they are the mighty kingmakers whose actions brought Heinrich I to power over the Empire, they also are a motley band that includes not only two wizards but an elf and, most horrifyingly and unbelievably of all, a Chaos Beastman. Those Asur that speak kindly of them at all tend to call them the Heroes of the Crown (or, as before, the Black Dragons) instead, since they have no interest in Sigmar's Hammer but considerable interest in the fact that they were the ones who secured the return of the original Phoenix Crown of Ulthuan from the Dwarf King Mendri.


The roll of the Heroes of the Hammer follows, in alphabetical order:



The following character is deeply associated with the Heroes of the Hammer and has joined their ranks as an equal, but did not join them until well after the events that made them household names. He is widely considered the chief rising star of the Black Dragons after their illustrious founders. Also, he is the only player character that has joined the Heroes after their quest that has long survived the experience (though several NPCs have done so). In fact, as the Heroes themselves have gradually retired from an active life of Adventure, Ludwig has stepped up to become the campaign's focus character.


The Companions

These are the other characters (NPCs and PCs both) that frequently accompany the Heroes on their adventures at various times, but are less well known partially because they were not involved in the Hammer Quest itself or because they operated in a subordinate role to the original heroes.

  • Albrecht der Rot - Formerly a middle-aged mercenary strategist and mentor/right hand to Uhlrik, now a dragon. He never accompanied them as a team member in their adventures, though, instead being used for command and control of troops. Hence he was never really a "party member" though he has been one of the most closely affiliated NPCs ever since the early days of the campaign.
  • Astarielle Glitterblade Gunderit - Asur Sword Mistress of Hoeth, and second wife to Uhlrik.
  • Berrik Ironbrow - dwarf former possessee. Currently one of the DragonWolves.
  • Kreeshana Jewelhand - Druchii former corsair. Formerly a companion to Erich, currently the lover of Ludwig.
  • Rahann "Mankiller" Gunderit Brauer - Khornegor berserkeress, sister to Uhlrik and wife to Erich. (NPC, but was played as a PC in one flashback solo story)
  • Rusikis Gunderit - Skaven clan Eshin assassin and sorceress, former servant to Gaynor, now Uhlrik's third wife. Currently one of the DragonWolves.
  • Thrudd - Ogre jailor and torturer turned mercenary officer. One of their earliest companions, who returned after a very long absence. Currently one of the DragonWolves (one-time PC, but current NPC)
  • Tovril der Grün - Jade Wizard, and Cedric's deputy.
  • Vanye Waverider - Kislevite naval captain, formerly Cassandra's squire. (one-time PC, current NPC)


Former Companions

These are characters that, like the above, are less renowned (and in some cases unknown) since they were not directly involved in the events of the Hammer Quest and are not currently associated with them either due to departure from their company, death or simply falling out of the limelight. This group likewise consists of both PCs and NPCs.


Available here is an XL spreadsheet covering the span of the campaign and reflecting who was with the adventuring party itself, when and what their role was (in TVTropes terms, more or less).

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