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Recurring Characters

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This page lists what in TV land would be subdivided further into regular characters or recurring characters: characters that are not central to the plot at all times and may or may not appear in every adventure, but who have put in multiple appearances (or appear most of the time) and have impacted the plot at various times. In short, this page reflects significant members of the supporting cast. Characters are alphabetized by surname (if any exists).

Note on Character Status: Active characters are those that are involved in current storylines, inactive ones are not. Characters listed as support are part of existing storylines, but are seldom directly seen in play at the present time or are geographically distant from the main action. Retired characters have withdrawn from active participation in storylines, but are around for use. Deceased characters are, obviously, dead.

Dragon Brethren

Most of the leadership of the Drachen-Brüder can be found on their own page. The characters below are either not ranking officers or are otherwise not officially affiliated with the military command structure of the organization.


Mirrim Brauer

Member of the Dragon Brethren

Female human Bounty Hunter, daughter of Erich

Legacies 7 - Mirrim Brauer

First Appearance: Power Behind the Throne.

Status: Active. Support.

Description: Mirrim is a tall, athletic and very attractive girl with high cheekbones, pale complexion and a winning smile. She came in search of her estranged father when her mother died in a fire, and ended up joining the Black Dragons along the way. At present she is putting her talents to good use as a skirmisher for the Green Dragons, though it seems likely that upon Erich's return from the Old World he will recruit her into his Shadow Dragons.

Rahann Gunderit Brauer

Retired adventurer, proprietress of the Dragon's Den.

Female Khorngor, sister of Uhlrik

NPC, but played in a side storyline by Elgin Hushbeck III


rahann armor


First Appearance: She had a cameo in Siege on Bachendorf Keep, but did not become a significant character until after Power Behind the Throne. She joined the Heroes during Castle Drachenfels.

Status: Retired. Manages The Dragon's Den in her husband's absence. Rahann suffered serious hearing damage during the battle with Tloxotz. She can hear again, but at far below her formerly superhuman acuity.


Description: Very tall for a woman (at a full six feet in height) and muscular yet lithe, Rahann is covered in red-brown fur. Like her half-brother, Rahann has digitigrade legs terminating in cloven hooves. Her facial features most resemble some sort of wicked-fanged canine with a long auburn mane, mobile pointed ears and twisting horns. Her most arresting feature, however, are her eyes: they are white throughout, having no readily discernible pupil or iris. She moves like the deadly and utterly vicious warrior that she is, and her hide is crisscrossed with scars, some of which are in the shape of darksome sigils such as the x-shaped skull rune of Khorne.


Rahann speaks with a distinctly low, breathy growling voice, and uses many canine mannerisms such as baring her teeth when annoyed. Rahann is severely hot-tempered and mercurial, capable of flying into a towering rage at any provocation, then coming down from it just as suddenly.


In contrast to her bestial and savage physical form, she usually wears dresses that one might expect to see on the streets of a great and cosmopolitan city. She makes a point of dressing like a civilized woman rather than the brutal barbarian chieftess that she was up until she turned from the service of the Blood God. We she to go back into battle, however, she would be sure to dress in a much more utilitarian and warlike fashion, and she owns both a regular suit of plate armor and her old suit of living Chaos Armor, which latter is of course in the blood red and brass colors of Khorne and is decorated with leering skulls.


Her preferred weapons are spears, but she also wields a long, straight enchanted sword.

Rusikis Gunderit


Rikkish of the DragonWolves

Female Skaven Assassin

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep, where she was introduced as a minor villain. She gradually became more important as one of Gaynor's premier minions until well after his ascension to Daemonhood, and appeared numerous times in that role. The Heroes sheltered her after the events of the Labyrinth of Souls.

Status: Active


For more details on Rusikis, see her entry on the DragonWolves page.

Berrik Ironbrow

Ironclaw of the DragonWolves

Male, Mutant, Dwarf, Scout


First Appearance: Naggaroth period, Ludwig's adventures in the Empire.

Status: Active

For more details on Berrik, see his entry in the DragonWolves page. 

Lodin Ironbrow

Male, Dwarf, master smith

Father of Berrik Ironbrow

First Appearance: Naggaroth period, Ludwig's adventures in the Empire.


Status: Active, Support

Yorri & Gurni

Yorri Greatbeard and Gurni Axewielder

Male, Dwarf, Sappers.

These two Dwarves are virtually inseperable, so they are usually referred to as a pair rather than as individuals. Thanks to their constant witty banter and pluck, the pair together constitute one of the most popular supporting NPCs in the Legacy campaign. Most characters that encounter the pair assume that they are brothers, but they are not related by anything beyond close friendship.

First Appearance: The Middenheim Period, but they were not prominent until around the time that the Ulthuan Period began.

Status: Active. Support.


Centaur, male, Druidic priest, former slave of Hotek.

centaur druid

~PC played by Winston Lockridge.

First Appearance: Early Naggaroth period, at Hotek's Column.

Status: Inactive. ~MIA during the storming of Clar Karond. 


Male human targeteer

~PC played by Peter Gray, the predecessor to Erich


First Appearance: Aftermath of Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

Apparent Demise: Death on the Reik, but he resurfaced in the early Naggaroth Period after encountering Erich, and was recruited into the Shadow Dragons.

Status: Inactive. In The Empire

The Dragon Wolves

The Dragon Wolves are the companions that Uhlrik has taken with him on his trek into the Chaos Waste. All of them (thus far) are members of the Dragon Brethren that Uhlrik and Ludwig hand picked. They have their own detailed page here.

  • "Convincer" - Thrudd the ogre. He serves as their enforcer and chirurgeon.
  • "The Cleaver" - Karl von Mecklenberg. Knight posing as a Chaos Warrior.
  • "Eric Earthshaker" - Eric Swensen. Norseman serving as Chaos Warrior and standard bearer.
  • "Grim" - Grigori Kusnitz. Kislevite serving as marauder horseman and archer.
  • "Ironclaw" - Berrik Ironbrow. Dwarf scout and smith, former possessee and current lupine mutant.
  • "Rikkish" - Rusikis Gunderit. Skaven Clan Eshin assassin and sorceress.

Children of the Heroes

The campaign has gone on for a long time in-universe and out - long enough that several PCs have begun raising families of their own. Following are small children of major characters, assuming those children have been recurring characters themselves. Adult children and other relatives are listed in the relevant sections elsewhere.

Octavius Brauer

Birth: 6/11/2516 

Dietrich Josef Enric

Birth: 9/23/2515 

Genevieve Leonore Enric

Birth: 8/18/2517 

Artag Gunderit

Birth: 7/19/2514 

Katarina Gunderit

Birth: 5/16/2517 

(projected adult appearance)

Rahann Magritte Gunderit

Birth: 8/11/2514 

(projected adult appearance)

Tanis Oswald Gunderit

Birth: 8/11/2514 

(projected adult appearance) 


Gilauvron Blazetongue

Companion to Earl Shilandrel

Male Great Caledorian Dragon-Mage

First Appearance: The Siege of Lothern. (early Ulthuan period)

Status: Active. Support.

Gilauvron, aside from being a potent force in his own right, is the friend, steed and confidant to Shilandrel, whsoe family he has served from time out of mind. It was he who taught Albrecht how to fly and otherwise adapt to his new draconic form. Gilauvron is every bit as much the joker as Shilandrel, though he is if anything somewhat more caustic in his humor.

Shilandrel Dragonfriend

Earl of Tyvresse, Dragon Prince of Caledor, The Phoenix King's Emissary to the Dragon Brethren

Shilandrel & Gilauvron

Male High Elf noble

First Appearance: The Siege of Lothern. (early Ulthuan period)

Status: Active. Support.

Description: Shilandrel is a very tall and unusually broad high elf with a handsome face made all the more appealing by his ready smile and charming Caledorian accent. He is also notoriously friendly, not to mention almost insufferably cheerful. He is perpetually engaged in banter and repartee with his Dragon-Friend Gilauvron. To the distress of his mother, somehow this cousin of Caledor's lord Imrik has managed to remain single thus far. For now, Shilandrel is the official emissary from the Phoenix Throne to the Dragon Brethren, though when last seen he was headed back to Lothern to commune with Finubar so it is possible that he has been assigned elsewhere since that time.

Delean Laurean

Earl of Alannath, Kinlord of Laurean

Male High Elf noble, father of Cassandra



First Appearance: Middenheim Period, during Uhlrik and Cassandra's first trip to Lothern.

Status: Active. Support.

Finubar I

Male High Elf seafaring noble. Phoenix King of Ulthuan, also known as Finubar the Seafarer.


First Appearance: Middenheim Period, during Uhlrik and Cassandra's first trip to Lothern.

Status: Active. Support.

Lorelle Laurean

Female High Elf noble, Wife of Delean, mother of Cassandra.


First Appearance: Middenheim Period, during Uhlrik and Cassandra's first trip to Lothern.

Status: Inactive.


Male High Elf lord. Arch-wizard, master of the Order of Hoeth.

Signature character


First Appearance: Shortly after the Siege of Lothern (early Ulthuan Period)

Status: Active. Support.



Imrian Shadow-Weaver

Druchii Lord-in-Exile

Forged Elf assassin and Dark Sorceror, Fallen Lord of Athgorond

Imrian 2

Male, mutant, Dark Elf

Originally designed as an antagonist for the Legacy campaign by Brian Jones.

First Appearance: Early Ulthuan Period.

Status: Active.

Imrian is probably the second most important recurring enemy that the Heroes face, at least in terms of narrative importance, and the Dark Elf is certainly their most persistent mortal nemesis. See his own page for more info.



Concept art of Malekith, the Witch King

Male, Dark Elf, Witch King of Naggaroth

First Appearance: Shining Hill, late Ulthuan Period.

Status: Active.

The Heroes have never personally seen Malekith or his mother/consort Morathi, but they have fought against an invasion of Arnhelm that he personally commanded. The invasion itself was inconclusive, since the Dark Elves withdrew after the demise of Aglareth to avoid being bogged down in the Daemon War between Soulslayer's and Lungscraper's forces while already engaged with the Black Dragons and their Asur backers.

Warhammer Online Wiki and Wikipedia entries on Malekith (disregard any Age of Reckoning stuff)

Old Worlders

The Empire

Sven Androv

Male, human, raconteur

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep (cameo). Later appeared in Erich's disguised adventures.

Status: Inactive.

Heironymus Blitzen

Human, male Wizard (B4), and Cedric's Mentor.

First appearance: Though he is part of Cedric's background, he first appeared in Death on the Reik. Sigmarzeit  27, 2512.

Final Appearance: The Middenheim Period, shortly before Dwarf Wars. Jahrdrung 3, IC 2513

Death: Exploded in a failed ritual performed with Cedric (he failed, the ritual didn't) meant to open the two wizards to 5th level magic.

Bertolt Brecht

Male, human, Midden Marshal. Knight Panther and former witch-hunter.

First Appearance: The Enemy Within

General Brecht was formerly a witch-hunter and a recurring antagonist for the Heroes. He sent bounty hunters after them, battled against them himself and attempted to stir up trouble against them on several fronts. In the end of Power Behind the Throne, He attempted unsuccessfully to warn Graf Boris about Uhlrik's "condition" before the Graf could offer the Heroes knighthood, and demanded that the graf put the Heroes to death. The Graf ordered Brecht to remain silent on what had by then become a state secret, and to desist in actively pursuing the Heroes. He still looked for ways to oppose them without violating the Graf's orders, but finally and grudgingly made peace with them at the Battle of Wolfenburg during Empire in Flames. After this battle, he was appointed Garrison Commander of Middenheim, a position as one of the Midden Marshalls to fill the vacancy left by Johann Schwermutt's promotion.

Status: Inactive.

Maximilian von Genscher

Male, human, General. Grand Marshal of the Reiksguard, former Midden Marshal.

First Appearance: Power Behind the Throne

Status: Inactive.

Johann Gespenst

Ghost. Former Male, Human, Bounty Hunter

First Appearance: On the Road, The Restless Dead. IC2511

Final Appearance: The Ritual, the penultimate adventure in the Restless Dead campaign arc.

Death: Johann was murdered shortly before his first appearance. The overarching purpose of the Restless Dead arc was locating his body so that he could be laid to rest.

Karl-Franz Holswig-Schliestein

Human, male, Emperor and Grand Prince of the Reikland. AKA Emperor Karl-Franz I.

Karl-Franz is listed as a recurring character although he never appeared "on camera" because his actions and decrees ere frequently part of the characters' lives particularly during the Enemy Within campaign.

Signature character

First Appearance: Empire in Flames

Final Appearance: Empire in Flames

Death: Assassinated by an unkown assailant during a speech to the gathered Electors at the Volkshalle, while suffering from a progressively debilitating physical and mental illness. His killer immediately committed suicide, and so was not able to be interrogated.

Emmanuelle von Liebewitz

Female, human, noble. Empress, Grand Countess of Nuln and Ambosstein.


First Appearance: A cameo during the early Middenheim period. She became more important to the storyline during Empire in Flames.

Status: Inactive.

The Empress is a 3rd cousin to Uhlrik in his mother's side, though she only became aware of his existence and relationship to her after his rise to prominence. Given their involvement in her now-husband's rise to the Imperial throne (and her own, for that matter), she is on good terms with the Heroes of the Hammer, and with her distant cousin.

Fritz Reikwald

Human, male, scout.

~PC Played by Daniel Case

First Appearance: The Ritual, part of The Restless Dead

Status: Inactive. Last appearance The Haunting Horror, conclusion to The Restless Dead.

This character, originally a muleskinner, was of great help to the other character in the travel-based adventures of The Restless Dead. He parted ways with them after the horrific events in Delberz.

Boris Todbringer

human, male, Elector. Grand Graf of Middenheim.

First Appearance: Power Behind the Throne

Final Appearance: Empire in Flames

Death: Killed by Crown Prince Wolfgang in a temper tantrum during the Imperial Election ceremony when Boris refused to vote for Wolfgang.

Graf Boris was the Heroes' patron, and eventually friend, for a considerable amount of time. After they saved his life and broke the cult of the Purple Crown's plans for Middenheim, Boris secretly pardoned Uhlrik for the crime of being alive. His patronage opened the door for the Heroes to have access to the halls of political power in the Empire.

Heinrich Todbringer

Male, human, Emperor. Former Grand Graf of Middenheim.


First Appearance: Power Behind the Throne

Status: Inactive.

The Emperor has known the Heroes practically since the first day they set foot in Middenheim, and counts them friends and comrades-in-arms. It was they who avenged his father by slaying Crown Prince Wolfgang, and who brought him Ghal-Maraz. In return, he has been a stout patron to their activities.

Katarina Todbringer

Female, human, noble. Gravin of Middenheim.

First Appearance: Power Behind the Throne

Status: Inactive.


Duke Oswald Aran

Human, male, noble

First appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep. Autumn of IC 2511.

Final Appearance: late Middenheim period, just after the Battle of the Fauschlag storyline - Vorgeheim 13, 2515.

Death: Natural causes. Died atop his tower after a period of illness, with Uhlrik and Cassandra in attendance.


Sir Tanis Aran

Human, male, Free Lance

~NPC that accompanied the party in their very first adventure (Pre-Oldenhaller Contract) but shortly left the scene until the beginning of Siege

First appearance: The beginning of the campaign.

Final Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep. The winter of IC 2511.

Death: Lanced by a Chaos knight in a lone last stand holding the drawbridge to the inner bailey.


Human, male, Cleric of Mórr

~PC played by Aaron sterchak

First appearance: Aftermath of Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

Final Appearance: Shadows Over Bögenhafen

Death: Skull fractured by a kick to the head from Gideon.





Soulslayer the Dreaded

(formerly Prinz Gaynor Teufel das Verdammte)

Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided

First Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep

Status: Active.

If there is one primary antagonist in the Legacy of the Gods campaign, it is Soulslayer. His plans have been in opposition to the Heroes since the formative early period of the campaign. See his own page.



Female human mutant Follower of Soulslayer


First Appearance: Death on the Reik, Marienburg Period.

Status: Inactive. Fled from ambush by Ludwig. The Heroes have not encountered Lise since Daffydd's demise; she was his lieutenant and lover.


Daffydd MacRae

Male human Champion of Soulslayer and Chaos Spawn


First appearance: Death on the Reik. He also appeared in a behind-the-scenes storyline set during Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

Final Appearance: Late Ulthuan period.

Death: Turned to Chaos Spawn by Soulslayer, then immediately killed by Ludwig and Cassandra.

Daffydd was Gaynor's chief lieutenant and one of the Heroes' most irritating and persistent foes for a number of years. In the end, though, he fell out of favor with his master and was stricken down.

Pictures: In Favor, Spying, Out of Favor



Octavius Mors Gunderit

Undead Champion of Khorne, Former Chaos Warlord, Father of Uhlrik

First and Final Mortal Appearance: Siege on Bachendorf Keep.

First Undead Appearance: Aftermath to Siege on Bachendorf Keep. Tomb visited once, during the Middenheim period.

Death: Cut in half by Uhlrik, later entombed by his own warband.

To be fair, the undead that used to be Octavius has not been destroyed, but it has been entombed so that pretty well eliminates him.

Pictures: Living, With his women, With his children



Josef Kastermann


Male Human Arch-Sorceror of Tzeentch

Master of the Coven of Ten

Collecter of Wizards

Josef Kastermann

First Appearance: Shortly before Castle Drachenfels, late Middenheim Period.

Status: Active.

Josef Kastermann is unique among major Legacy of the Gods antagonists in that he actually embarked on a quest with them on one occasion, so he has fought both against and beside the Heroes yet never permanently allied with them, unlike Rusikis.

Kastermann maintains a deep rivalry with Cedric, and has repeatedly attempted to add Cedric to his "collection". Each has defeated the other on multiple occasions, and it is Kastermann that is responsible for Cedric's severely mutated condition.




Lord of Change, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch

First Appearance: Empire in Flames

Status: Banished twice. Inactive.

The Greater Daemon that Sigmar Heldenhammer had personally entrapped in Kadar-Khalizad, Sheerargetru was released when the Heroes removed Ghal-Maraz from the magical portal where it was keeping the trapped Daemon at bay. It promptly possessed the slumbering Earth Dragon, slew Yodri and flew to Altdorf, where it was shot down by Grand Theogonist Yorri's magic and abandoned the dragon's body to possess the Cleric instead. The Heroes revealed its presence during Heinrich's coronation and destroyed the Daemon's material manifestation, driving it back into the Warp. They encountered the vengeful Daemon again in a summoning circle at Castle Drachenfels, but they succeeded in banishing it again without Sigmar's hammer.

Undivided Chaos


Lungscraper the Detestible


Daemon Prince of Chaos


Arch-Rival of Soulslayer

First Appearance: Late Middenheim Period.

Status: Inactive.



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