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Kreeshana Jewelhand

Titles: Major in the Dragon Brethren. Internal Security Officer in the Gold Dragons. 

Player: NPC

First Appearance: Ulthuan Period, during Erich's Lustrian Adventures

Status: Active

Birthdate: 3/28/2364 (Age 154)

Marital Status: Unmarried. Presently cohabiting with Ludwig MacRae, who has been her lover since 1/28/2519.

Known Offspring: Kreeshana has borne one son, whose name has never been mentioned in game. The babe was sacrificed to Khaine within a week of its birth.


kreeshana jewelhand




Type Female, Dark Elf, Alignment Evil, but tending towards Neutral
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Description: Kreeshana is a sleek, wiry and hardened looking Elf woman with a pale complexion.  Scars on her angular face mar what is otherwise a sharp beauty, and her ears are notched in several places. Her eyes gleam a hard green, and her hair is blazing red – a rare and unlucky color for an Elf, known even among the Druchii as a sign of perfidiousness. On her left arm, she always wears a gleaming and bejeweled gauntlet of exquisite craftsmanship: this is an enchanted tool that provides her a usable hand in place of the fleshly one that she lost battling daemons in Lustria. Kreeshana is a lonely and hungry soul, and her emptiness translates into a callous attitude and a short temper, but also deep moodiness and affection.


Kreeshana’s voice is silken-smooth and as dangerous as her smile. She is gifted at cutting repartee and the most brutally shocking of invective but also eloquent praise.


Her usual attire is a black, gold and gray officer’s uniform, the colors of the Wyverns. In battle, she wears blackened plate-and-chain armor and a tall black nasal helm. She keeps a crossbow on her back, and carries a wavy-bladed kris sword of meteoric iron that she has named Asp. Several vicious-looking daggers are kept at various points on her body. She also owns several dresses that use her figure to good advantage.


Kreeshana has suffered severe culture shock in her time living among the Black Dragons, having grown up accustomed to the treachery, casual cruelty and viciousness (not to mention loose morals) of the Druchii. In the time since she has lived among humans, she has gradually adapted to their society but has fouind it rough going. Her need to belong somewhere combined with her aloof dark elf upbringing led to her rapidly developing a reputation as an unstable yet concieted wanton. More recently, she has been able to rehabilitate her image somewhat but it has a long way to go and it remains to be seen whether she will ever be really trusted or respected by the Dragon Brethren as a whole. Her friendship and eventual romantic entanglement with Ludwig has been a source of considerable perplexity to many observers.



For tropes associated with the rest of the campaign, see the Tropes page.

An Arm And A Leg - Type 2. She lost her left hand while battling demons that were able to swim through stone as if it were water. See Power fist, below, for how she dealt with this in the long run.

Arrow Catch - Her magical gauntlet can move at speeds that allow it to do precisely this. Multiple times in a single turn. Opponents pretty much have to either engage her in melee or use spells, unless they want to have a whole bunch of guys raining arrows on just her.

Cool Sword - Her primary weapon is a galvorn kris of Dark elf manufacture, and it's got a particularly vicious variant of Sword Beams (see below).

Dark Action Girl - Partially subverted in that she's much more emotionally vulnerable than most of these personality wise she's somewhere between this and dark magical girl minus, you know... the magic.

Fiery Redhead - With a heaping helping of Evil Redhead and Evil Is Sexy as well.

Handicapped Badass - She's missing a hand, and is a very tough girl. It was a little while before she even got the trident hand. Eventually she did get a magical gauntlet to replace it. Whatever its advantages might be, her magical gauntlet-hand is a prosthetic rather than being permanently bonded to her body, and she does have to remove it from her wrist stump periodically for bathing, to avoid chafing and the like.

Heroes Want Redheads - Somewhat subverted. My Girl Is Not A Slut was one of the several major turnoffs that kept Ludwig from hooking up with her for a long time.

High Heel Face Turn - Somewhat subverted - even though she's a Dark Elf and definitely evil, she never directly opposed the heroes. Erich found her and nursed her to health after he found her having been badly brutalized by norsemen during a battle that left everyone on both sides except herself dead. She tried to get a piece of Erich and he (barely) resisted on grounds that he was already married. This confused her and she decided that just meant he was playing hard to get, and so she kept tagging along with him.

Love Triangle - For quite some time, She was in a type 5 triangle with Ludwig and Gaston (Kreeshana was in the B position and Ludwig in the C). The relationship upgrade turned this into a Type 4.

The McCoy - nearly inverted. While she is definitely the Id, the emotional/passionate figure of Ludwig's crew, she's most definitely not the moral center of this group. That would be Ludwig. Even though she's the emotionally-driven character, she rather than Tovril or Ludwig is the one that's most willing to sacrifice principle on the altar of expediency.

My Girl Is Not A Slut - Kreeshana ran afoul of the less friendly side of this trope - her casual attitude towards sexuality severely hampered her chances of having a meaningful relationship thanks to the double standard. Being a beautiful and scary woman with a powerful sexual appetite, she still had plenty of lovers, but none that she really wanted to hang on to. Any guy that she was actually interested in beyond sex generally wasn't interested... including Ludwig. Cue angst.

Neutral Evil - she is this, but has started drifting toward True Neutral territory under the influence of Ludwig and others, partially as a consequence of discovering that Good Feels Good.

Power Fist - After a daemon bit off her hand in Lustria, Kreeshana had to find some way to make do. Initially, she had a trident fitted to the stump of her wrist and used that as a secondary and parrying weapon. She eventually came to the conclusion that this was creeping people (or rather, specifically Ludwig) out, so she convinced Cedric (in exchange for a mission whose details have not been revealed) to make a fully functional magic gauntlet to replace it. This gauntlet also has the additional benefits of catching projectiles and striking with magically-enhanced force.

Scars Are Forever - She totally averts the idea that beauty is never tarnished, having an assortment of scars on her face and body, notches in her ears and is even missing a hand - a number of these were acquired in play, though she already had some scars when she first appeared. These scars do keep some potential suitors away, partially because she's clearly dangerous enough to have survived getting them but also clearly "damaged goods." Bringing this up to her is not a good idea.

Sword Beam - Kreeshana's galvorn wavy-bladed sword can be used to attack at range. Unlike most sword beams, she has to point rather than swing the weapon to use it in this manner, and there is no visible ray or wave of force: the target simply suffers painful internal wounds and bleeding without apparent explanation.

Tsundere - She's a type A (tsuntsun) example of this trope.

Token Evil Teammate - She quickly became this, but see above.

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