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Imrian Shadow-Weaver


Druchii Lord-in-Exile


Forged Elf assassin and Dark Sorceror, Fallen Lord of Athgorond


Male, mutant, Dark Elf

Originally designed as an antagonist for the Legacy campaign by Brian Jones.

Imrian 2

First Appearance: Early Ulthuan Period.

Status: Active.

Imrian is probably the second most important recurring enemy that the Heroes face, at least in terms of narrative importance, and the Dark Elf is certainly their most persistent mortal nemesis. Imrian began his career as one of the deadly assassins of the Cult of Khaine, but after he murdered his way to the top of the food chain in the remote mountain fortress of Athgorond, he branched out to master the foulest arts of Dark Sorcery as well. It was he that rediscovered the steering stone that allows the castle to fly, and it was he that lost that castle to the Black Dragons. He is a wickedly capable killer, fell magician and intriguer, but he is an indifferent general.


He harbors a deep grudge against the Dragon Brethren and especially the Gunderit family for their success in stripping Athgorond from his control. Uhlrik tore Imrian's deadly lashing tongue from his mouth and chopped off his right hand during one of Imrian's failed attempts to assassinate the beastman warlord. Imrian would have been executed days after that event had not Cassandra clandestinely released the maimed villain from captivity out of a combination of pity and pique. Imrian was also the one responsible for poisoning Cedric, which led to the wizard's desperate act of transforming into a Liche. The enmity between Imrian and the heroes runs deep indeed on both sides, and each is eager to repay the wrongs that the other has done.


Imrian is currently in disfavor with Malekith due to his repeated failure to defeat the leaders of the Dragon Brethren, and has survived several assassination attempts by ambitious subordinates.





Blade Below the Shoulder - Uhlrik sliced his right hand off, so Imrian had it replaced with a magical knife blade. A magical knife blade that can be launched as a projectile that returns after it strikes.

Chronic Backstabbing Disorder - While he seemingly jumps constantly from one faction or political group in Naggaroth to another, he's only ever actually been on his own side. Of course, the guy is a Dark Elf so this is more or less assumed, but he takes it to another level.

Combat Tentacles - Imrian used to have a vicious, retractable tentacle-tongue armed with rasps that was easily able to rip a man's throat out. Uhlrik grabbed it and ripped it out of his mouth,

Deal With the Devil - he came out on the bad side of one of these with SoulSlayer.

Dirty Coward -Imrian has cut and run from the heroes on several occasions, often ignominiously. The first instance showed off his cowardice rather nicely: he and some of his stone temple dogs were fighting the heroes in the center of his own fortress and it was starting to go a little badly for him as the second group of heroes started providing their fellows with covering fire. It wasn't an irretrievable situation, but it was not going well. With his skill at spontaneous portal creation, he could easily have retreated into another portion of his tower and rallied his minions to dogpile the heroes en masse, and used the hit and run tactics that he had employed so effectively against Cedric earlier... which would likely have led to victory. What did he do instead? Fired off a really nasty parting shot and teleport to where some of his coolest treasures were, grab them and bail, leaving his leaderless minions to their fate. He fled again after his failed assassination attempt on Uhlrik left him gruesomely maimed and imprisoned (which was prudence rather than cowardice, in this case). When the heroes came for Hotek, Imrian abandoned the heretic priest to his fate without so much as a fight. Then, when his attempt to kill Albrecht in front of the heroes went badly, he used the ensuing chaos to make a retreat rather than capitalizing on it to do further harm to the heroes.

Foe Yay - The scumbag has expressed loathing for the Gunderits to the point that he's gone all the way round to sexual attraction. For both of them.

General Failure - Imrian is an extremely talented assassin, murderer, dark wizard and conniving bastard that is quite good at getting himself into positions of authority via the Klingon Promotion. He's good at sneaky stratagems and internal intrigue, plus ingratiating himself to superiors. What he's not good at is running a war. Or relations with his troops. Or keeping his emotions and ego out of the way of a good plan that he's already set in motion. These tendencies were what led him to gamble away his flying castle, and later to lose both his hand and his tongue to Uhlrik. He does however partially subvert this trope in that, as a matter of fact, his failures are not actually tolerated... but he's good enough to survive the wrath of angry superiors. He'd really be a lot more effective in the long run as The Dragon, but he's just too selfish to accept that.

It's Personal - Imrian is personally fixated on vengeance against his enemies and personal advancement. Not necessarily in that order. He goes out of his way to make opponents that he particularly hates (like, say, the heroes) suffer by targeting their friends and support networks before going in for the kill.

Knife Nut - He's an extremely deadly swordsman but he really, really prefers to give his kills that personal touch.

Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot - Imrian started out his career as an Adept of Khaine. From there he learned Evil Sorcery (especially both necromancy and demonology). Then he lost both a hand and a tongue until he was able to get Hotek to turn him into a magical cyborg.

Obviously Evil- Imrian is Obviously Evil through and through. Evil Albino? Check, though his eyes are silvery green instead of the trademark albino red/pink because his coloration came about due to the Cadaverous Appearance disability he picked up along the way. Grotesque deformities (fangs, tail, scales etc) brought on by years of dabbling in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know? Check check. Malevolent mask? Check. Long swirly robes to conceal weapons? Check.

Red Right Hand - Imrian's got several unpleasant traits that he has picked up due to reckless usage of his dark magical abilities. Even though he's still alive he's got the lovely skin tone of a cadaver, scaled skin (with semi-reptilian facial features, too), a tail, clawed reptilian feet, fangs and a ridiculously long, lashing tongue. That's before his magical replacement body parts get applied...

Reptiles are Abhorrent - Utterly.

Smug Snake - He's every inch one of these. Complete with hissing voice, forked tongue and scaled skin. He certainly thinks of himself as a Magnificent Bastard, but thus far he's been just a bastard.

Sssssnake Talk - Yup.

The Starscream - Imrian has built his career out of perpetually serving various power players and then murdering and betraying his way into their jobs.

Summon Magic (invariably of the black variety) - As both a necromancer and a daemonologist, Imrian is ALL OVER this trope.

Tongue Trauma - Uhlrik grabbed his tongue with his bare hand and ripped it out of his head.

Villain Ball - He loves to hug this one tight.

You Have Failed Me - Subverted. Malekith and several other high-ranking Dark Elves have tried to have him offed for his failures. It didn't work.

We Can Rebuild Him - This trope being applied by Hotek allowed Imrian to regain and even increase his threat rating after Uhlrik horrifically maimed him.

White Haired Pretty Boy - Imrian was this before he got into Dark Magic. Now... not so much.

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